Re: Kentucky Bust Info
25 Jun 1993 02:05:52

In article <>, Sandy F Ezrine <> writes:
> Subject: Kentuky Busts Info
> [Note: This is posted for a sister without the ability to post.
> Please respond to her directly, or post to the group. Wild Bill]
> #1 There seems to have been some sort of raid at the KY gathering and
> about 10 people were arrested. This is coming from my son who is in
> Indiana with the Dead and was told by people who arrived from the KY
> site. Rumor has it that KY is no more. Take it for what it is
> worth.

So, you are posting this for someone else who has a brother who saw people
at a dead show who came from KY?

Is this fourth or fifth hand?

I'm getting really bad vibes from the Alabama front.

-- Danny

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