Re: dmorgan post re: Alabama
25 Jun 1993 13:44:58

Hi, Muddy here.
You are confused by the common addresses.
The reason they are all the same is that USENET news doesn't
officially distribute alt.gathering.rainbow yet so many of us
get the feed via automated e-mail.
When we respond to these messages, they are sent to a common
place and later posted to the USENET.
This is the only way I have to post besides having thumper or
another operator post it for me. has the complete transcripts of the group
from May2 on. They are held for 6 months so nothing will
be deleted until November.

The people are different, I know, because I know several of them.

Anyway, this net is just one puny source of rainbow info and not
very important to the family as a whole.

>From my other contacts I wouldhave to say that it is a pretty good
mirror of the Family's will as a whole, but maybe more tilted
toward Kentucky than the whole. Why?
Maybe because we are numbers butt computer nerds who are scared to
travel in our own country. The reality of AB is a lot better than
the idea of going there.

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