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Stephen Wing (
Fri, 25 Jun 1993 20:27:57 -0700 (PDT)


Alabama Gathering Council will issue a statement as soon as we have one and when we find someone to operate this machine (that can spell).
Love & Light Nothing specific
Just General Principles

Dear Family:
Howdy from the Talladega Forest in Alabama. This land is near the birthplace of Chief Osceola. He and his band of renegade Indians refused to give up their land and go on the forced relocation to Oklahoma in the early 1880s. He fought the U.S. government and died in prison in South Carolina for the struggle for the land.
This site is the ancient site of the annual blue corn festival. Follow the ancient Pinoti Trail from the parking lot to Main Meadow. The Upper Creeks, Lower Creeks, Cherokees and Muskogees would gather years ago to celebrate the corn harvest, life and "even the children would sing," according to historical accounts I have read.
In 1993 the corn is high and the watermelons are sweet. There are many clear springs here which I have seen personally. Sweetwater Lake is a large, clean, beautiful watershed. Shoal Creek has many deep swimming holes. There are a few ticks, mosquitos, a few (very few) bears and a very very strong spirit for everyone to come home.
The Forest Service will not, can not and dare not try to take away our right to peaceful assembly! From Heflin on I-20, take 78-E through Edwardsville to first paved road on left, County 61; sign says Coleman Lake; this becomes FS 553 which becomes FS 500. Look for the spirit and the signs.
Come on home. Love, Jackie Betz

Hey folks,
If indeed this is the year we try to pull off two Gatherings, regs and all, I have a request. Have any of our Regional Families considered hosting the '94 Gathering? Anyone know of a definite site somewhere outside the Southeast? Can we get the Vision Council going early, like now, at both Gatherings? Can communications go back and forth somehow to facilitate a common consensus for '94? Could Council be extended to a neutral place where both Vision Councils could meet? Mississippi? D.C.?
If we are to split into several Gatherings, I pray that we do so by consensus, in the Family council, so we would continue to gather as one Family. The prospects of further splitting are worrisome once the precedent is established, i.e. folks who don't see any reason not to sign a permit, folks who'd just as soon gather on private land, etc.
I wish folks would think about these longer term matters (next July, this August 4th, let alone seven generations!) before getting so attached to a particular spot that our chance to council together at a critical time is totally blown. Oh, well . . .
P.S. If any CALM folks and/or supplies are wavering between Kentucky and Alabama, come to Alabama. It seems the supplies gathered for one "Gathering of the Tribes" have all gone to Kentucky.
Love to all, Stephen Wing

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