Questions for this year & involveme
26 Jun 1993 19:26:14

(We don't seem to have alt.gathering.rainbow at Cray )^8 ,
but I still have my Univ. consulting accounts) (^8

If I come to the rainbow is there anything I should bring?


Please excuse my ignorance, I am new to this. I still don't
understand why the "alternative" site is being used. The Family
decided, doesn't that make it "official". We all need to give up
some in order for peace/love/unity to work. Perhaps it is two sites,
I also think that should be a Family decision. I have become unsure
of Rainbows future and why people would go off on their own
(as I understand it). Is there any "elder council" to assist in
these type of conflicts? People which all people have grown to
trust and respect? If so where are they going?

I would like to know how to come more involved and learn
more about The rainbow community. Are there communities on the
land during the rest of the year?
I am thinking about moving to Santa Fe. I thought it
would be wonderful to have a community and a central place for
people to go any time of the year. This would be to bring them
"back" to nature. Is there such a place?
I would be willing to help purchase and setup such a place,
I was thinking of in New Mexico, or another state. MN probably
is not the best, due to the winter weather (^8.

Arabic Hindi
Salaam, and prem karnaa
Peace love

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