FREE The Kids!
18 Mar 1993 17:20:49
>Topic 269: Useful info for a trip to Spain......
># 13: Isabella Fiske McFarlin (ladybel) Thu, Mar 18, '93 (15:28) 10 lines
>Rainbow Gathering
>Please sisters and brothers, be gentle withkids at RG. We are a community in
>Rochester, Vt. near the site of the 1991 gathering, and are very concerned
>that people take good care of children, and not allow abandonment (even
>temporary ) by parents/guardians, and please,don't spank or hit kids
>! we feel no real enlightenment is possible while children suffer. For more
>info: Quarry Hill Community, FREE
>The Kids! PO bx 942 rochester vt 05767

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