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Marcus L. Endicott (
Thu, 18 Mar 1993 18:30:51 -0800 (PST)

> alt.gathering.rainbow-
>For discussing the annual Rainbow Family National Gathering as
>well as regional Rainbow gatherings. The group also includes
>issues that are relivent to the family, it's gatherings, and the
>people who are involved in them. The group has been in
>existence for 9 month and receives regular postings.

First of all, I block any use of the word "national," other than
in the term "Rainbow Nation." For the umpteenth time, the annual
Turtle Island/North American gathering of the tribes is
*CONTINENTAL*. Further, if computer mediated communication is
not trans-national, international, and intercontinental, then
what good is it? Please take all your (Yes! yoUSAmericans)
ethnocentrism and shove it where the Light never shines!
Regional is yet another white man's phalicy; WE DO NOT CONFORM to
the existing U.S. Forest Service regions, any more than to
existing state lines or national boundaries (or personal egos for
that matter). Bioregional and metropolitan ought to replace the
word "regional."

>alt.gathering.rainbow< ought to be dedicated to the children of
the future - seven generations - to the co-creation of their
reality. May all people awaken in their heart chakra the lotus
of the Rainbow vision. We are the children of the Goddess Gaia,
Mother Earth, and Wakan Tanka the Great Spirit, the One true God
of Abraham; we are The One Universal Family of Life... not merely
Rainbozos or Drainbos. We are the Rainbow Family of Living
Light, the drops of rain descending to Earth bearing the promised
Rainbow covenant. We are here to learn/teach to live as One
Family on Earth, and to *gather* All of Life into One Circle
again. We have come to bring Peace on Earth... to make peace
with Earth. We are the 144,000; stand and be counted. The
changes have begun; the Medicine Wheel is turning.

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