Re: Charter
22 Mar 1993 07:54:06

Version 1:
>>For discussing the annual Rainbow Family National Gathering as
>>well as regional Rainbow gatherings. The group also includes
>>issues that are relivent to the family, it's gatherings, and the
>>people who are involved in them. The group has been in
>>existence for 9 month and receives regular postings.

Version 2:
>"For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering as well as regional
>gatherings. The group includes issues that are relevant to the members
>of the Rainbow Family and others interested in learning about making
>Peace with the Earth. The group has been in existence for 9 month and
>receives regular postings."

We must eliminate the North American context altogether, especially since we
hope to broaden the distribution of this group. Use of the term "Rainbow
Family" often sounds flaky, cultish, and exclusionary to average people; I
suggest we just drop it here. (There are also potentially thorny 'liability'
issues concerning the largely cyber-phobic North American Rainbow Tribal
Council.) However, I find Rob's suggestion more workable than Chicken's.
(Chicken: If you have to ask if its a flame, its not a flame; let's just call
it rabid feedback.) Here's a possible further refinement:

Version 3:
"For discussing Rainbow Gatherings worldwide. The group also includes issues
relevant to those interested in learning more about peace and healing in
general. The group has been in existence for 9 months and receives regular

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