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Global Green Party calendar April, 1993

This global calendar is the first of its kind. It will eventually
feature state, provincial, regional, national and international
Green Party meetings and events from five continents (none yet on

The genesis for the calendar came at the First Planetary Green
meeting, hosted by the Partido Verde (Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro,
May 30th-31st. A committee was established there to explore
global networking projects. A follow-up meeting was held in Mxico
City in January, 1993 that featured representatives from Africa,
Europe, North America, and South America . At that meeting the
calender and a global directory project were given the go-ahead.

The calendar and directory projects are being called the "Global
Green Network". The attempt with this network is to build links
between Green Parties around the world. The Global Calendar will
be updated monthly and distributed globally by a variety of
technologies, including a listing on the APC conference
"green.general". The Global Directory will feature postal
addresses, electronic addresses, and phone & fax numbers for Green
Party offices, officeholders, spokespeople, and other Party
contacts. The first Directory will be ready by mid-to-late

The Calendar and Directory can become powerful networking tools if
Green Parties use them Please use this calendar and consider
sending representatives and/or literature from your Party to the
events and organizations listed below

The Global Green Party Calendar has been compiled by Mike
Feinstein, Green Party of California, with the help of the Green
Parties and Green Party confederations below. Please forward
similar information about your party's future events to Mike at
142 Hollister, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Phone (310) 392-8450; Fax
(310) 396-3797, or E-mail: Thank you.

Global Green Party Calendar April, 1993

April 2nd- 4th Hawai'i Green Party
Island of Hawai'i, Hawai'i, USA
(1) 808-528-1225

April 3rd- 4th Green Party of California
Sacramento, California, USA (1)

April 3rd- 4th Wales Green Party
Swansea, Wales, UK (44)
970-625-143 Susan Searle

April 9th-11th Green Party of Alaska
Juneau, Alaska, USA (1)
907-452-6476 Ronnie Rosenberg

April 9th-11th Florida Green Party
Oleno State Park (north of
Gainesville), Florida, USA (1)
904-824-9371 Nancy Rodgers (1)
904-262-6630 Jim & Cindy Folor

April 15th-18th Green Party United Kingdom
Wolverhampton, England (44)
225-480-556 Duncan McCanlis

April 17th-18th Missouri Green Party
Kinksville, Missouri, USA (1)
816-665-1220 Anne Helper

April 17th-18th Scottish Green Party
Dalkeith, Scotland (44)
41-332-6091 Jane Brooke

April 30th- May 4th Comhaontas Glas/Green Party of
Dublin, Ireland (353) 177-14-36

dates to be announced Green Party of New Mexico
(1) 505-986-2071 Cris Moore (1)
505-988-1026 Michael Collins

Green Party of Rhode Island
contact: (1) 401-331-1259 Tony

Future Meetings & Events


May 1 Green Party Organizing Committee of
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA (1)
612-729-2723 Keith Nybakke

May 1 New York Green Party
Troy, New York, USA (1)
518-283-6512 Mark Dunlea

dates to be announced Arizona Green Party
(1) 602-792-3454

Green Party of New Mexico (1)
505-986-2071 Cris Moore (1)
505-988-1026 Michael Collins

Green Party Organizing Committee
of Pennsylvania (1) 717-394-9110
Anne Goeke


June 5th- 6th Four Corners Green Parties
(Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico &
Utah) Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
(1) 505-986-2071 Cris Moore

June 11th-13th Green Party of Canada-British Columbia/
Green Party of British Columbia
Camp Boyle, Summerland, British
Columbia (1) 604-493-2918 Dave

June 14th-16th Green Group in the European Parliament
Debate on European Community
enlargment Helsinki, Finland (32)
2-284-2117 Fernanda Lapa

June 17th Green East-West Dialogue
Helsinki, Finland (358) 90-4321
Riika Kaamppi

June 18th Joint Session European Green
Coordination &
the Green Group in the European
Parliament Helsinki, Finland (32)
2-284-7135 Lut Neetesome

June 19th Alberta Greens
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1)

June 19th-20th European Green Coordination (30 European
Green Parties)
Helsinki, Finland (32) 2-284-7135
Lut Neetesome


August 13th-17th The Greens/Green Party USA
Syracuse, New York, USA (816)
931-9366 Greens Clearinghouse
(315) 445-9568 Howie Hawkins

dates to be announced Les Verts
France (33) 1-490-89-131
Constantin Federowski


September 16th-19th Green Party United Kindgom
Wolverhampton, England (44)
81-673-0045 John Bishop
dates to be announced CANAMEX III
(Green Parties of Canada, Mexico,
& the US) Chihuahua, Mexico (52)
5-795-4810 Partido Ecologista

European Green Coordination
Congress for local & regional
Councillors Italy (32) 2-284-7135
Lut Neetesome


dates to be announced European Green Coordination
Founding Meeting of the "New
Coordination" (32) 2-284-7135
Lut Neetesome

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