Native American Religious Freedom
31 Mar 1993 06:39:52
>Topic 268: What can we do to help the Native American Church?
># 35: Gary Rhine (kifaru) Mon, Mar 1, '93 (22:26) 41 lines
>Greetings! I am new to the well just this week. I recently produced and
>co-directed a one hour documentary entitled The Peyote Road. I have also
>recently produced and directed 2 15 minute programs entitled
>Traditional Use Of Peyote and Understanding A.I.R.F.A.
>(American Indian Religious Freedom Act) These programs are being used by
>the airfa coalition to educate legislators and the public at large.
>The programs are available through KIFARU PRODUCTIONS (415) 381 6560.
>In response to a question aways up the conference, the AIRFA bill is
>different that the religious restoration Act (the Solaris bill) in that
>the Solaris bill attempts to reinstate the "compelling state interest
>rule" for religion in general. It really does nothing for Indian people.
>AIRFA seeks to establish religious freedom for Native Americans based not
>on the first amendment but on the "trust doctrine" where the U.S.
>government swore a duty to preserve and protect Indigenous culture &
>AIRFA was passed in 1978 (it took the government 100 years to recognize
>the right for Indian people to practice their religions) but it was not
>law, only recommendations. The new amendment to AIRFA seeks to put teeth
>in AIRFA by making it law.
>I'd be glad to continue this conversation and I'd like to have it get into
>other areas of the WELL because it's not about drugs, it's about justice
>freedom and the kinds of things we were all taught as children that this
>country was all about. Toward that end, I've begun an AIRFA discussion
>in the 1st Amendment conference. Ant other suggestions??
>Everyone should be contacting their legislators to encourage them to
>know about the AIRFA amendment and to support it. The coalition is
>looking for Senatorial co-sponsors. The bill is to be introduced into
>the senate soon. This week there are hearings in Minneapolis where Indian
>people of many nations will be testifying on their concerns.
>Yes, joining and supporting NARF is important and also, more to the issue
>of the Native American Church, you can send financial support to
>The Native American Religious Freedom Project Of The Native American
>Church located at Box 685, Winnebago, NE 68071. This is run by a beautiful
>man named Reuben Snake. Reuben is also organizing a large event at
>Winnebago for this year's Earth Day. For info on how to help, call him at
>402 878 2837 or you can call me at 415 381 6560.

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