quick alert

06 May 1993 10:38:47

This is a quick note of what will be several message over the next days
and weeks. The regualtion have left OMB and will be printed in the
federal REgister torrow. We will be getting both paper and electronic
copy ASAP and sould have both by midnight thursday night. We will post
information as it become avalible inclubing summaries, action
recomdations, and info on how to obtain the regulation archives which
are in the process on being worked on. The reg,summaries,archives
should be avalible both by ftp and mailserv and I wil let you know as
that develops. If you have any technical problem or anything to pass
along please mail it too chicken@uujobs.com.
If you need to get a copy of the reg by e-mail ASAP instead of waiting
for the mailserv or ftp please drop me mail with subject SEND REG
ASAP and I will get them too you torrow night (be aware they are going
to be long 50+pages.
Thanks for listinging and STay tuned!!!

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