Mailing List Announcement
09 May 1993 20:21:07

This is a pre-recorded message. You are by the (blessings/non-blessings) of
Mike Erzine, (chicken) subscribed to the Alerts mailing list. The purpose of
this is to inform you of important news regarding issues related to the
Federal Goverment and the new National Forest Regulations. Send email to for more information.

The archive server is presently broken, so in the mean time you can
anon ftp the archives from in /pub/rainbow.

*** Server related functions ***

To use any of these commands, send a mail message to:
with any subject (subject is ignored) with the command in the mail body.

ie: unsubscribe ALERTS

Everything appearing in [] below is optional; everything appearing
in <is mandatory.

Recognized requests are:

help [topic]
Without arguments, this file. Otherwise get specific information on the
selected topic. Topics may also refer to requests.

set <list[<option<value>]
Without the optional arguments, get a list of all current settings for
the specified list. Otherwise change the option to the new value for that

subscribe <list<your name>
The only way to subscribe to a list.

unsubscribe <list(or: signoff <list>)
Remove yourself from the specified list.

recipients <list(or: review <list>)
Get a list of all people subscribed in the specified list.

information <list>
Get information about the specified list.

statistics <list[subscriber email address(es)]
Get a list of subscribers along with the number of messages each one
of them has sent to the specified list. If the optional email addresses
are given, then statistics will be collected for these users only.

Get a list of mailing lists that are served by this server.

index [archive | path-to-archive] [/password]
Get a list of files in the selected archive, or the master archive if
no archive was specified.

get <archive | path-to-archive<file[/password] [parts]
Get the requested file from the specified archive. Certain subparts may
be obtained by specifying them as optional arguments.

Get information about the current release of this listserv system.

Get a listing of mailing lists to which you have subscribed.


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