Re: Pay phone modem
13 May 1993 08:08:14

In article <199305130434.AA27685@corona.astr> chicken@astro.UMD.EDU writes:
>From: chicken@astro.UMD.EDU
>Subject: Re: Pay phone modem
>> From: Rainbow Family of Living Light <>
>> Subject: Pay phone modem
>> Howdy Hi, Am looking for an affordable modem that can be used with a pay phone.
>> Would appreciate info on how to order one. Free the Rainbow, Dan D
>Dan D,
>back in the dark ages when computer had 16k of memory their where thing called
>acusica coplers which where a type of modem that you could place the phone
>in the cattle of the modem and away you went
>they are slow and not as reliable. but they would and you should be able to
>pick one up for 5-15 dollars.
And they had a top speed of 300 baud!
They make acoustical couplers for modems these days too.
the prices are a bit higher though. Check out your local computer store.

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