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May 7, 1993

Immediately after the Waco fire U.S. Attorney Reno stated that the government
was going to "start" thinking about laws and regulations to control "cults."
On May 6th PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to various sections of Title 36 Code of Federal
Regulations, sections 251 & 261 were published in the Federal Register. In
short these proposals will let the government control "the right to peaceably
assemble" (see, pg. 26940, column 2), by making it a "violation." To fully
understand what these "proposals" will "amend" one must read the existing 36
CFR 251 & 261. CFR is available at a law library. Legaliaison will distribute
copies as green energy permits. Copying and postage is about $4.00.


Recreation, Cultural Resources, and Wilderness Management Staff (2340)
Forest Service, USDA
P.O. Box 96090
Washington, D.C. 20090-6090

This proposal needs to be STUDIED carefully; thought about; and talked about,
and written about. The government will give "weight to substantive comments."
See pg 26944, column 1.

A FEW IMMEDIATE CONCERNS: [1] It is confusing to call a permit "a special
use authorization." [2] When, for example, the National Park Service denies
an application it must do so "within two days;" this proposal gives wide
discretion by allowing the Forest Service to deny an application "without
unreasonable delay." Pg. 26942, column 1. [3] The regulation would allow
"an administrative officer (to) deny the application" if it "does not meet
the seven criteria." Id. Coincidentally these "seven criteria" (pg. 26945,
column 3, 26946, column 1) are similar to "concerns," that never actually
materialize, which traditionally worry the Forest Service about Rainbow
gatherings. [4] There is no reason to burden the free distribution of
literature, which is a very important right. Pg. 46940.

The NFS Colorado 1992 Rainbow Gathering report talked abut implementing
"proactive law enforcement" against regional Rainbow gatherings. This is a
new concept, so you won't find "proactive" in pre-Reagan dictionaries.
"PROACTIVE: serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected
occurrence or situation." Random House - Webster's College Dictionary,
copyright 1992.

An example of proactive law enforcement could be seen on April 10th, when a
task force of police from various agencies, led by a federal agent, arrested
at least five people at a regional gathering in the Tumbling Creek Campgrounds
of the Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee. According to my information, one
person was accused of possessing a pipe, two for not wearing clothes (despite
the fact that the local NFS ranger had agreed that nudity would not be
prosecuted), and three for "blocking a road," which had already been blocked
by the police. Additionally, we understand, at least nine other people were
arrested entering or leaving the gathering.

This policy reflects a trend, seen also this year in Mississippi, and, to a
lesser extent, in Florida where agents from local and federal agencies invaded
the gathering site.

The authoritarians have given this a lot of thought. The 1992 Colorado report
also talked about Food Stamps and hospital bills. Good information has it
that federal agents are visiting the areas surrounding gathering sites and
informing Food Stamp agencies not to serve transients, and telling hospitals
to demand cash up front for treatment.

To those who "don't get involved in politics" -- as long as you pay taxes, I'd
say, you're splitting hairs -- writing letters is the very least you can do.
The government's already out of control. This 'proposed amendment" would only
give "legal" authority to already "proactive" "law" enforcement agents.

Hitler never broke any "laws," he made them. Armed with Hitler's laws, his
enforcers first came for the gypsies, hardly anybody did anything. Then they
came for the communists, and hardly anybody did anything. Then they came for
Jews, and hardly anybody did anything, etc, etc. Now the Rainbows are the
gypsies. Do something, or live to regret it.

Thought needs to be focused on actions to combat the "proactive" approach.
Letters and petitions may not be enough to do it. Waco was a proactive
approach. Given its insane preoccupation with fears of "cults," "child abuse"
and "satanic worship," and notwithstanding its repeated use of the word, the
government should not be expected to be "reasonable."

QUICKLY with questions, comments or suggestions. Proactively we've
tentatively scheduled a meeting with a White House representative for July

In service to the Spirit of truth, peace and justice

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