Re: =={ Rainbow Files }==

20 May 1993 11:35:14

I wanted to quickly respond to this question.
it is an issue that is moving along slowly but I can tell people
a few sources for info and you all can explore it.
first is in /pub/rainbow this has both rainbow info
and USFS stuff
if you have stuff to add please put it in /incoming/rainbow
also has this some archive via a mailserver
to reach it send mail to
with the subject help or index alerts
in the future this will have a rainbow and an alerts archive with everything
in alerts in rainbow but not the other way around.
also have a awf.rainbownews archive which has several years of archives
it. My hope is to move it too and darkstar with it automaticaly
updating the alt.gathering.rainbow stuff on a daily basis and this archive would
eventaualy be searchable via wais and gopher
I hope this helps
if anyone has comments, time, or experteace to add please drop me
a note

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