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22 May 1993 12:15:08

May 15, 1993

For some misguided reason some one is encouraging folks not to
write objections to the Forest Service about its proposal to
restrict peaceable assembly on public land, but to write to their
congress person instead.

Sure, write to your congress person, by all means. But remember
we are dealing with an ADMINISTRATIVE -- not a CONGRESSIONAL --
act. Anyone who wants to pretend that the administrative branch
of government does not exist is, of course, free to do so. However
folks who want to stay in touch with reality should recognize that
the only reason for this communication, and all previous
communication on this issue, was to discuss a specific proposed
regulation, which was, in reality, produced by the administrative
branch. Not writing to the Forest Service will greatly weaken
whatever chance there might be to stop this regulation.

Absolutely, council on the regulation at the gathering. But don't
let anyone tell you that discussion about this issue should be
limited to the National Rainbow Gathering. Whether or not they are
presently aware of it, this proposed regulation will effect
EVERYBODY. Council on it at parties, work, play, church, school,
at home, in your car, anywhere and everywhere you can. There will
be a Legaliaison council in D.C. beginning the second week of July.

help stop this regulation, but be sure to write, before August 4th

Recreation, Cultural Resources,
and Wilderness Management Staff (2340)
Forest Service, USDA
POB 9609
Washington, D.C. 20090

In service to the Spirit of understanding,

Legaliaison/Peace Park
P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038

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