Re: Communal living in Western US?

24 May 1993 11:40:37

> I will be travelling west (from Omaha, Nebraska) through Colorado, Utah,
> Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and New Mexico and then
> back to Omaha this summer (late July) and would like to know if anyone
> here could direct me to any open communes or farms that are friendly to
> travellers.
> I am willing to work for food and lodging and am eager to learn about
> such communal structures.
> If anyone has any pointers or information, please email or post here.
ok here is some info to get you started the Intentional Communiites Directory
or guide is a book that is published and has about 500+ communities in it.
also send a SASE to Land-Link Network POB 276 Charleston,SC
and Starfire will send you the newsletter which has both communities and
resources in it. also I would ask you as you travel to take the regualtional
materials around with you and share them and give them out if you can
this will help speard the word.
> I apologise if this message is unwelcome on this newsgroup.
this message is not unusaly here.

> ...e

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