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05 May 1993 21:53:02

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National Rainbow Office (606) 561-6185 POB 187 Tateville, Ky.42558 SASE Please
May 3,1993 SPRING COUNCIL for National is Memorial Weekend, location to be
announced May 15. National site to be counseled about. Rainbow Guide PO Box
3213 Madison, Wi. 53704 SEND ENTRY SOON! Charleston, S.C. May 16, Homeless and
Rainbow Benefit, Volunteers requested, Uncle Bill (803) 871-8332 Box 974
Summerville, S.C. 28801 CUMBERLAND GATHERING May 8-16. Site: From Lexington
Ky. E on 64 60m E on 60 6m S on 211 3m E on FS 129 to FS 914 PO Box 901
Lexington, Ky. 40587 NORTHWEST GATHERING June 16-22 (208) 253-6059. PO Box
116 Fruitvalle, Id. 83620 WISCONSIN GATHERING June 16-22 Jones Springs at the
southwest Nicolet National Forest Box 3314 Madison, Wi. 53704
NEBRASKA GATHERING June 29-31 (402) 475-6976 Box 81152 Lincoln, Ne. 68501
EUROPEAN GATHERINGS: 5/25-6/5 near Florence, Italy. 6/17-27 near St Petersburg, Russia. 7/25-8/5 Ireland PO Box CH-8955 Switzerland. Include international reply
coupon. For more info contact office. The National Office is now on E-mail:, We plan to post updates to alt.gathering.rainbow available
via INTERNET, UUCP, USENET, WWIVNET, FIDONET, PEACENET, receivable in many areasvia freenets, universities, and local public access machines. For more info
contact chicken@darkstar.cygnuJ?s
d2oGYuAtlanta Light Line (404) 662-6112. Mid Atlantic Outreach (202) 797-3625.

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Subject: 93 gethering in KY
To: (rainbow)
Date: Sun, 2 May 93 10:54:13 CDT

From: Joan Livingston-Webber <>

I got this e-mail address from a Pot o'Gold of April 92. If
you can help or send a current address, I'd appreciate it.
My daughter (17) and 2 or 3 of her friends would like to come to
the 93 gathering in KY. We parents don't know much about
you--this one issue of pot o'gold is all that I know. We are
wondering about things like plans for the time (and the exact time,
place, maps. etc.). We are wondering what facilites would be
available, should they bring food to contribute to a common pot or
should they bring their own and plan to prepare? What kind
of progamming is planned? What security is planned? How many
people attend and who are they? My daughter has family experience
of several years in the Quiet Camping area of the Winnipeg Folk
Festival. Is this similar? I have no quarrels about what I know
of the Rainbow philosophy (again from the one issue of Pot o'Gold),
but could I find out more about it? We parents are mostly reluctant
to permit a first solo cross country trip
to a gathering we know little about and which they can tell us
very little concrete.

We are in Omaha, Nebraska. Can you put us in touch with anyone
locally who could tell us more? Thanks so much.

Joan Livingston-Webber

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