Re: Please learn to cross-post
02 Nov 1993 08:27:16

> This goes out to the Workers World Service People and the Food
> NotBombs people. . . . Please learn to cross post . . .

=o= Also, please use the "Followup-to:" header to send followup
postings to the newsgroup(s) which you think will be the most
appropriate forum(s) for followup discussion.

=o= For an announcement-type posting, there will probably be
more newsgroups appropriate for the announcement than for the
discussion, so the use of "Followup-to:" will help cut down on
cross-posted discussions/flamewars.

=o= Alt.activism in particular is full of discussions/flamewars
that have nothing to do with activism, almost all of them
cross-posted. At the very least, please use "Followup-to:" to
remove alt.activism from the list of newsgroups to followup to.

=o= If you think discussion is relevant to activism _per_se_,
please consider posting to alt.activism.d instead -- or using
"Followup-to:" to redirect discussion to alt.activism.d. That
is the reason alt.activism.d was created.

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