Re: Re: Dealing with the Violence
15 Nov 1993 17:52:26

Re: Dealing with the Violence

Based on notes taken by Hugh Esco - known to some as
Hug - at the Spring Council.

Rainbow Family Spring Council
Sunday, May 30, 1993
the discussion focused on how we can deal with the

Correspondence on this subject is welcome.
Copies of my full notes from the Council, from a Shanti
Seena council on Monday morning, from Sunday morning's
Brother's Circle and a draft Shanti Seena Mini-Manual and
are available for the asking. Contributions to cover
printing and postage are appreciated. Please write Hugh
at P.O. Box 5332; Atlanta GA 30307.



Thank you. This is just the type of information I eagerly await. I
would like to suggest that Hugh Esco forward these suggestions for
publication in the Rainbow Guide, Pot-O-Gold, and All-Ways-Free.

I immagine the suggestion that drugs be discouraged at gatherings
may not sit well with some of our brothers and sisters. Drugs play
a central role in the lives of many rainbows. Unfortunatly, some
fail to see when their use of drugs bagins to hinder emotional &
spiritual stability. I for one would be happy to see drug-free
gathering, or at least a gathering where drugs play a minor role.
For me, prayer and meditation are most effective and fulfilling when
done with a clear mind free of drugs.

Luke Jones

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