Re: new Forest Service chief, Jack
19 Nov 1993 10:25:34

Still, Id like to bend his ear about the new forest service regulations that
the forest service, by themselves, instituted. If they can make them, they
can tear them down, presumably. Even if the new guy Jack is a dupe, he has
GOT to be a better dupe than Robertson. He may even believe in what he is
SUPPOSED to be doing, and has been only duped into believing that Clinton
will listen to him (something Clinton is rather good at!).

If anyone has his address, phone, fax, and email addresses, please post them
as soon as you find them out: I am sure I am not the only one that wants to
bend his ear!

Phred PSmIth, Galactic Gadabout

aka Suitcase (Vermont '91)

aka John (Kentucky '93)

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