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Peter Fraterdeus (
Mon, 22 Nov 1993 00:11:26 -0800 (PST)

Reply to: RE>New Forest Service Chief
Marcus writes:
> Washington, Oct. 28 -- A career Forest Service leader will
>assume the role as acting chief of the agency Nov. 1, announced
>Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy.
> Dave Unger, 61, currently associate deputy chief for
>National Forest Systems will assume the position of chief on an
>interim basis.

Dave Unger, the (former) new acting head of the USFS has now been replaced by
President Clinton by an outside-the-agency biologist, as the new Chief. The new
guy is a major player in the protection of the Spotted owl. The Loggers are
having a shit fit. (To put it bluntly...)

This is a major advance in terms of forest policy. I would expect that old
growth policy will be much better under the new guy, as well.

Not sure what effect this will have on Rainbow questions. He's probablyt not
going to hear about it from the underlings...

I'm sorry that I didn't clip the article. Perhaps it's available online


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