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Mon, 29 Nov 1993 18:59:55 -0800 (PST)

Turtle Island Rainbow Tribes Info
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Dear Rainbow Folks,

Since the Kentucky Gathering many people have shared all manner of
communication with me - meetings, phone calls, letters - a lot of griping and a
few tense moments, but for the most part, people sing beautiful heartsongs and
have a lot of really sensible ideas and great hopes for the future of Rainbow

Certainly the people who gathered in the 60's and early 70's are the Rainbow
Family of Living Light and these folks have developed a style for gathering
with very specific raps on how to do things which have been consensed upon by
council process over the years. These "traditionals" of the Rainbow Family
have very valid arguments when some individual or circle takes some action on
its own while representing itself as Rainbow Family .

On the other hand, people who have come later often find themselves outside
the flow, regardless of how beautiful, talented and useful they may be, or
worse; they be abused by one of the predatory folks who have become more and
more prominent in recent years. As less and less teaching and healing goes on
, more and more people gather outside the circle. When the circle is broken,
our harmonious aum becomes overwhelmed by dissonance -- the growing dishonor,
disrespect, disgrace, discrimination, disturbance, disparity, disillusionment
and disenchantment threaten to disintegrate and disperse the Rainbow Tribes.

We must mend the circle and it seems that a very large number of people agree
that one solution may be through smaller gatherings of circles with closer
affinities and fewer hostilities. Most people I have heard from would rather
gather as the Rainbow Family wherever and whenever they gather. I certainly
witnessed that intention in the Kentucky Vision Council and the ensuing
brouhaha when several individuals claiming to represent the Alabama Vision
Council forbade such an action (the item before the council was whether to
maintain a second gathering or to accept the guidance of Alabama and reunite in
1994). From my perspective it seems that the only reason there is a Turtle
Island Rainbow Gathering is out of respect for the Rainbow Family consensus
process and the denial of the Rainbow Family name to any other circle of
Rainbow folks who want to do something that hasn't been consensed to at Rainbow
Family council between 7/1 and 7/7..

No matter where one gathers during the first week of July there should still be
the common focus in all Rainbow circles on World Peace and prayers for healing
the wounds caused by our civilization. Would not 20 strongly unified circles
have more energy than one circle of 20,000 as it is, like old porcelain, all
crazed and cracked ? Mulcogi spoke to the Turtle Island Thanksgiving Council
saying that the spirit has led us to multiple gatherings and if the spirit
wishes us to gather again on one site, all the vision councils will be led to
the same place in a subsequent year. I say we should all accept what has
happened any more and work together to honorably focalize all 1994 Rainbow
Gatherings regardless of which circle is calling for the gathering.. As several
folks have been saying: vote with your feet!

Currently the Turtle Island Rainbow Tribes' mailing address is P.O. Box 342,
Glencoe, Il 60022 and the phone is 708-835-9255. In addition to Elizabeth
Wallerstein and myself, Rachel Burgess and Vince Kelly are on the banking
council. So far we have collected $94.00 in the hat and by the time of this
mailing we will have spent $ 67.38 on the phone and mailbox. Needless to say
the Turtle Island hat would really love some inflow so that we can fulfill our
mission to provide timely and uncensored communications about all 1994 Rainbow

There will be a Winter Solstice celebration to benefit the Turtle Island
Rainbow Tribes from sunset December 21 until midnight December 22 at the
Rainbow Manor 5948 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, Il 60660. Bring your happiest
self, your liveliest music, your healthiest foods and your most interesting
tradeables. There will be NO "official" councils convened. This IS a PARTY !
Motorhomes please call ahead 312-281-2312.

Turtle Island Tribes Scout Council will be held April 29-31 in the Nicolet
national Forest. Site TBA.

Truly yours in peace and love with best wishes in the coming season,

Thomas Jay Wasserberg

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