Focalizers Quarterly Mailing, Fall 1993

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FOCALIZERS QUARTERLY MAILING - This is almost the entire copy of the
mailing, assuming I can type this in all at once. The only item not
included is directions to the Thankgiving Council, as it is no longer
needed. Excuse the typos, if any, I'm on a large dose of caffeine.
(I'm not proofreading something this big!)FQM was sent by Mark McCracken,
3015 NE Broadway, Portland, Oregon, 97232.
If anyone disagrees with my decision to post this freely, write. Peace
Without Borders, Sarah.
FALL, 1993
Compiled and mailed by volunteers from the Focalizer Council, which was
held on the land in the Talladega National Forest in Alabama, July 5 and
6, 1993.
Sending out and FQM to the Rainbow Family Focalizers has been a
relatively new accomplishment. A request for an updated mailing list
reached consensus at the 1992 Focalizers Council in Colorado. Petros
facilitated the creation of the current list, which has been updated with
a few additional names and changes of address.
This year's council began on the 5th, and focused on the GUIDE, which
will continue to come from the combined efforts of Ric, Duane, and a host
of folks in Madison, WI, and the passing on of ALL WAYS FREE publication
from Carla and the crew in Eugene OR, to Maverick in Warrens WI.
Combining agendas related to networking, during two days of counciling
does provide an opportunity for different energies to come together and
share visions, express needs, and reach consensus on issues that will
help direct the flow of endeavors taken on by volunteers of the Rainbow
There was a message from Legaliaison Council, that there be unity with
emphasis on togetherness in thought and practice, lest the strength in
our coming together as One in Spirit and respect be threatened or
The Council Process works better than decisions made by individuals.
Each person is encouraged to bring issues to Family Council rather than
taking on personal responsibility for decisions that affect the Rainbow
Family of Living Light.
The following topics were discussed during Council, taken from notes by
Mark-en [Mark McCracken].
REGIONALS: March and September Gatherings work well for those who
need all their energy for the National. For some areas, Summer Solstice
Gatherings give an opportunity for sending folks off to the National.
Regions vary in how this works. Guidelines on what constitute a Regional
were as asked for [also asked for?-Sarah]. Folks from Regions put events
together, and are responsible to let the Family in their area know of
Councils. This includes netwoking to the Region 16 Brothers and Sisters
also. Namdic Tribes and Road Energy know how to gather. They need a
landing zone. Call for a Council, invite veryone. Set up guidelines,
using agendas and priorities for not only Regionals, but also for
potlucks, weekend events, benefits, etc.
It is the consensus of this Council that the best efforts be made to
notify both local and nomadic Family of planning councils and
Gatherings. The better gatherings are counciled and well planned. (You
may wish to refer to the November 1992 FQM, which has a list of 5
important definitions of what is sacred to insuring a Peace and Healing
event.) It is the consensus of this Council that there is a lack of
environmental responsibility to have Regional Gatherings on the same site
two years in a row.
NETWORKING: Local mailing expenses should, and does, support
itself. Pass the Magic Hat at potlucks, hold benefits, yard sales, etc.
Adresses of folks writing in for information could be referred to their
local focalizers. It was suggested to focalize "FROM THE ELECTRONIC REALM
TO THE NON-COMPUTERIZED REALM." [My capitals to attract the attention of
those just skimming this letter-Sarah]. A brother in Colorado volunteered to
pass on information to the knowledgable, and to those who are new to the
use of computer access equipment and programs. CONTACT: ROB, PO BOX
1006, NEDERLAND, CO 80466, or call (303)258-0506.
"Know and name your sources, Check All Rumors" is encouraged. E-mail
addresses are an individual's private account. WORDS OTHER THAN
CONSENSED. [Again my caps-Sarah]
*********************************PAGE 2 *****************************
Potlucks and drum circles have become popular in may areas, with weekly
or monthly scheduled events. Sens out messages with Love and Light, help
bring the Family Home.
A reminder was brought to council, that mailing lists in Rainbow are for
non-commercial use, and are intended to be for Family communication:
FOCALIZER MAILING: Three Focalizer Quarterly Mailings are proposed,
using PO mail as well as E-mail. Volunteers are Sunbear, Duane (GUIDE),
Martha-Gail (legaliaison) Chicken (E-mail), and Mark-en. [This mailing is
my individual choice, with a "thanks" form Mark-en -Sarah].
The need for donations to fund the first mailing was brought to the
Council. The Magic Hat was passed and $30.70 was given. A focalizer
Banking Council was consensed, consisting off the following: Susan
Songbird, Leslie Peaceeagle, David Ganesh, and Mark-en. If there
additional funds that can be freely donated to help support the effort,
they may be sent to: FOCALIZER BANK, c/o MARK MCCRACKEN (Mark-en), 3015
NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232.
The current FQM list includes 90 folks in the US, and 35 Sisters and
Brothers in other countries. Postage for each mailing will be about
$55.00. All that are sent outside the US need to be enclosed in an
envelope. Printing expenses also need to be met.
Focalizers who do not wish to be listed in the GUIDE, but would like to
receive a FQM, need to contact Duane and the GUIDE crew. Be explicit in
your request. PEACE AND LOVE
Stuart Watts has been a focalizer at CALM for many years, and is
interested in water filtration systems. He has expressed a desire to
spen fis Rainbow Time in the facilitation of a unit(s) that will filter
water down to 0.5 microns or less. Anyone who has input into this
endeavor, or wishes to comment on whether a system be cenralized or
decentralized, is encourage to contact Stuart. He holds the bank for
this project, and at the present time, $500 is needed to bring the
balance up to $3000, which will ensure a gift of an additional $1000.
Write to: STUART WATTS, 4105 S FIRST ST, AUSTIN, TX 78745.
The current address for contacting the folks at ALL WAYS FREE is RT 2,
BOX 84, WARRENS, WI 54666-9802.
The 1993 publication of ALL WAYS FREE has an "out of pocket" deficit of
$800 at this time. Donations may be sent to CARLA NEWBRE, PO BOX 24715,
EUGENE, OR 97402.
Publicomments pertaining to the proposed Forest Service amendments 36 CFR
251 & 261 are now being reviewed by Jim Lyons, Assistant Secretary for
Natural Resources and the Environment, DEPT OF AGRICULTURE, RM 217E,
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Legaliaison Update, October 3, 1993
Dear Family,
At the Legaliaison Council at the Alabama Gathering, it was consensed
that the geographical focal point of the Legaliaison would change from
Washington, DC to East Texas. Martha-Gail agreed to coordinate the
functions of the new office. After and orientation be the regional
volunteers in DC, Martha-Gail put the files in order, made duplicate
sets, and is now back in Texas with the new office up and running.
The purpose of the legaliaison office is to serve as the communications
hub for the ongoing, Family-wide effort to retain our right to Gather
without the chilling effect that would be imposed by the proposaed Forest
Service amendment to 36 CFR 251 & 261 -- which would require application
for a "special use authorization" (also known as "permit") from ALL non
commercial groups of people seeking to assemble. The traditional
position of the Rainbow Family is that the First Amendment to the United
States Constitution IS our permit to gather. This cannot be
compromised. This must not be negotiated.
The status of the revised regulation is currently in limbo. The 90-day
public comment period has passed, and theoretically the Forest Service is
reviewing public input before formulating a final ruling. Newly amended
regulations could be implemented at any time.
It appears that there may still be some hope to derail the regs if we
each, as individual citizens, contact our respective congressional
representatives. Education and outreach to other potential National
Forest user groups might also be effective. One suggestion you can make
to people who are in support of squelching the regulations is that they
contact Assistant Secretary of Agriculture with their comments.
Additional strategies were discussed at the Legaliaison Council in
Alabama and appear on the following page.
The Legaliaison group is preparing a concise informational packet on this
whole subject. Suggestions on other possible courses of action are
welcome. If you have any additional input, or wish to participate in any
way; or if you would like further information, please contact the address
below. Working as individuals, we CAN make a difference. Working
together as a whole, who knows what we might come up with in our endeavor
to preserve basic rights!
(409)564-4229 (message only)
As is the case with all family service, donations (stamps, envelopes,
office supplies, green energy, etc.) are helpful in keeping the flame
burning. Every little bit helps.
Love and Light, Carla (a legaliaison volunteer)
Please copy and distribute freely.
***************************PAGE 4**************************************
The strategies outlined here are those that were dicussed and supported
during the Rainbow Gathering legaliaison councils in the Talladega
National Forest July, 1993. Each of them is meant only as a suggestion,
a pointer in the direction of what might be done by independent people or
public action groups to help preserve the rights of peacable assemby on
public forest lands.
WRITE THE DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE: Currently this issue is being reviewed
by the Agriculture Department because the Secretary of Agriculture has to
sign the new regs before they can go into effect. The have received a
lot of objection already but this is probably the key place where we can
let our voices be heard right now. The US Forest Servic, which is
sponsoring the new reglations, is under the supervision of the
Agriculture Department. The office to contact there (phone, fax, or
write) is:
WRITE YOUR LOCAL CONGRESSPERSON: Contact them at their home offices so
they know this is of concern to their own constituents. Voice your
objections to the proposed regulations. Ask them to contact the
Agriculture Departmant to prevent these unconstitutional, unenforceable,
and unaffordable regulations from taking effect.
OUTREACH TO OTHER USER GROUPS: Notify other groups of people or
organizations in your own areas who use the national forests for free
assembly or free events, picnic, educational purposes, prayer or
meditations, etc., to alert them to the enormous obstruction these regs
would cause their own group. Give them copies of these outlines and
notices. Encourage them to take what actions they feel are appropriate.
MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS: Speak with your local news crews, talk radio
hosts, newspaper columnists. Let them know how you feel and that this is
an issue that affects each and every citizen.
REQUEST PUBLIC HEARINGS: Find a forum in your area for this issue to be
debated and discussed. Invite local officials, invite the Forest
Service, invite the media. Serve tea and cookies.
GATHER PETITIONS: Create a petition form that suits your local region
and expresses your ideas clearly. Circulate it as widely as possible.
Send copies to local officials, newspaper editors and the Department of
land use advocates map out legal defenses with case law back-up to be
ready for use if the regulations are put into effect.
PLAN DIRECT ACTIONS: Plan peaceful assemblies as protests on public
forest lands to take place if the regs are put into effect. Be prepared
to defend your right to gather. If it appears that your local action may
lead to a legal challenge, stay in close touch with the Legaliaison
CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RAINBOW FOCALIZER: If you don't know who this is,
contact Rainbow Legaliaison, 3029 Woden Rd Office, Nacodoches, Texas 75961
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Letter to FQM from Gonzo, Great Lakes Rainbow, Box 3433, Ann Arbor MI
For some reason, The Michigan Rainbow Family has recently been named as a
rebel band of Rainbows who are advocated a renegade "Turtle Island"
Gathering in Wisconsin in 1994. Seeing as it was unclear who, if
anybody, in Michigan was involved with this, a council was called at the
recent very fine Michigan Regional to address this issue. The following
letter to the Wisconsin family, who had requested clarification of our
intentions and support of their desire for the 1995 Gathering, was
approved by consensus of the council (roughly 20 people present at
consensus call).
Incidently, our brother bill-i was mentioned by name in at least two
pieces of written information as an instigator of the movement for a
Wisconsin 1994 Gathering. In the council bill-i as the first to speak
strongly stated his desire for a united family and his intention to be
with the Family in Wyoming. Though not present at consensus, he was
totally approving of this letter to Wiscinsin when it was read to him later.
Here is the letter as approved by council--
... Our dear brothers and sisters from the Wisconsin family:
... As of August 7 1993, consensus was reached that:
... The Michigan Family is not at the forefront of a movement for
... a National Gathering in Wisconsin '94.
... Furthermore: we'd like to express our apologies for any
... misconceptions or miscommunications.
... We strongly respect the desire and vision to gather there in '95.
I was empowered to be the one to mail the letter, and so here I am.
Love and peace to you all--Gonzo--
Yikes, I'm warped after typing all this. This is not an official
publication of the Rainbow Family (what is?), and this entry to
alt.gathering.rainbow is purely my own decision. --Sarah

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