Urgent Message From New Zealand

Marcus L. Endicott (mendicott@igc.apc.org)
Fri, 01 Oct 1993 18:39:42 -0700 (PDT)

>Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1993 14:37:00 -0700

>From: Robert_Hunt@equinox.gen.nz (Robert Hunt)

>Subject: URGENT

>Although the end of the cold war seems to mean for many people that the
>awareness of n uc le a r w e a p o n s as a scourge and major threat is
>not in their awareness anymore w in NZ feel that the work has only begun.
>The peace movement here regards any place short of n u c l e a r disa
>rmament as a threat to the total health of the planet. In fact inmany
>ways a situation of unstability in Russia..? the threat that is as
>critical as ever is the lunatic action of the few triggering holoc aust
>for the many.
>The N U cl ea r industry's lobby is strong and we in NZ have come under A
>of pressure on many levels for our N-free stance. People say "oh it is
>wonderful that your country has done this" and it is, but we have also
>seen what it is now to receive no only overt attention here like the
>Rainbow Warrior incident (which pre dates our anti-n legislation) but
>various exercises to try and put soem fear into key peace workers.
>The latest thing in the battle against N wepns is what we see as the
>beginning of real progress internationally!! The World Court Project.
>I am really upset to discover that the majority of Americans that I
>with on the net have not even heard of this initiative and I wonder what
>it says about American media.
>I am sincerely hopeful for strong suppport.... in backing maximum outreach
>to get the info about the project out to as many people as possibel inthe
>last days that it can be a citizens matter.
>The goal is to have the World Court declare N wpns illega l. The
>situation is already reaching a climax... lobbying of the General assembly
>is happening, the World Health Assembly has passed a resolution in support
>if the Project.
>Perhaps we are so aware of this project because it started here in CHCH NZ
>but we can see the deep enthusiasm for a N free world spreading.
>In 1986 when the idea of the world court action was first mooted many were
>sceptical, now most of the same people including our Govt are behind it
>and working for its success.
>I have sent... five letters representing our Peace/Green movement here and
>appealing for urgent networking.
>The particular urgency is that the submission of the (so far over 100,000)
>Declarations of Public COnscience is coming up in October and we would like
>to see more... 21,000 from NZ so far... most prominent people in NZ have
>written one... they each constitute a submission to the World COurt.
>The project was conceptualised by a retired Magistrate here
>and has received enormous work fro the beginning by local peace worker.

>[She] is leaving today to visit the USA ... NY in particular.. she will be
>taking part in the presentations in to the U N
>you may be able to help
>in many ways!

>MAXIMUM SUPPORT can be given to this crucial time in the OUTLAWING of the
>We want also any support re communication services back to here for Katie
>that are possible!
>Feel free to forward parts of this letter as you see appropriate but if
>mailing internationally then please read the section in PlaNet Linkletter
>1 that explains our care with spelling N Ucle ar in non-straighforward
>ways, and so leave my "typos" in tact!
>PLEASE write soon. [She] leaves midday today but I will fax her
>Best regards

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