7 Arrested, Food Not Bombs

14 Oct 1993 15:58:33

Zach was arrested Thursday Oct 7, feeding
without a permit. Richard Chandler arrested
October 8, interference with an officer
(related to serving food). Vincent Giacommini
was arrested for serving without a permit
dinner time October 12.

I was arrested twice on Wednesday Oct 13,
first detained and warned, and second for
interference (relating to serving food).
Matt Dodt and Connie Levinthal were also
arrested at 1pm on Oct 13. Connie was
eating food, Matt was also eating.
I don't know what they were charged with,
and they certainly weren't serving food.

On on it goes...

How ironic that I shared a booking room bench
with a man who stole food. Here we were,
me with buckets of soup (which I helped make)
being thrown into Northern Station trash bins,
and this man, hungry and in jail for stealing
a loaf of bread from Safeway. His arresting
officer said "If he hadn't have run, I wouldn't
have arrested him."

Officer Leroy Lindo agreed with me when I
stated that the man he was taken orders from
(Mayor Jordan, Chief of Police Ribera) were
both brain-dead bigotted meanies. In some
ways this was comforting, finding common ground with the
man who arrested me. Today we attempted
to convince Mr Lindo that he is IN FACT
responsible for his actions, whether he was
told to by his superiors or not. We also
attempted to convince him that Food Not
Bombs was a consensus group and that it
has IN FACT no leader. This was very hard for
him to accept. Of course, in a consensus
group, the responsibilities are shared and
one cannot absolve themselves of responsibility
by claiming "I was told to do that".
For some reason, Lindo would like to "see our
leader." He feels that if we got together
and "sat down and smoked the peace pipe (?)"
we could negotiate something out.

He also states that Food Not Bombs is _not_
interested in feeding homeless people because
if we were, we would move out of Civic Center
and feed somewhere else. I told him
that we were, IN FACT, interested in feeding
people and we were also interested in doing
it across the street from City Hall. And
he said "well, there you go."

And here we are.

Lindo went as far as to say "I would arrest
anyone for feeding people anywhere, if
they didn't have a permit." He also
called me a commie.

---- Anyway, new stategies include
setting out a white bucket filled with
compost, dirt and water and ladling it
out into cups. It would be funny to be
arrested for serving dirt.:)
This also buys us a diversion so the
real food can be served under a tree somewhere.

Food Not Bombs, Philadelphia is serving out
of A-Space Sunday nights. Check it out.


Walk lightly over the earth answering that of God in everyone -G. Fox
{and its net-equivalent}

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