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Subject: Age of Aquarius--Has it started?

OK, as far as I know, Saturn goes direct this weekend (24 Oct 1993).
Why this would be the beginning of the age of Aquarius, I don't know!

The "age of Aquarius" refers to the period during which the Vernal equinox (
the position of the Sun on the first day of spring) falls in the astroNOMICal
sign of Aquarius. This is different from the AstroLOGICal signs due to the
"precession of the Equinox" which due to the "wobble" of the earth's axis
causes the Equinox to fall ever earlier in the zodiac year by year. Thus the
age of Pisces is just ending, with the Sun on March 21 appearing from the Earth
to be against the background of the first few degrees of the constellation of
Picses. The precession is "retrograde" so over the next 100 years, the Equinox
will move backward toward the last degrees of Aquarius.

Now, the Sun has an angular size of about 5 degrees, so that it is just now
starting to actually "enter" the last degree of Aquarius, but it's been doing
that for a number of decades now! (An Age is about 2100 years).

So, most astrologers would say that it is (and has been since around 1890) in
the process of starting!
My feeling is that nature (on a macro-cosmic scale, if not at the quantum
level) abhores sharp definitions, and much prefers continua (is that the
plural? continuae???)

Cetrtainly, the democratic revolutions of the late 18th century (ie. the US and
France) are indications even 200 years ago of the increasing influence of
Uranus (discovered in 1769?) which rules Aquarius. The inventions of Nicola
Tesla, Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the discoveries and theories of
Einstein and the quantum wu-li masters are all indications of the changing of
the Aeon. Not to mention the communitarian (11th house (ruled by Aquarius)
Friends, Hopes and Wishes) effects of global travel and trade.

The "New Age" movement itself, for all its fal-de-ral, is a direct challenge to
the old systems (in their controlling sense, not that most NA philosophy is
based on any thing but the same ol' timeless knowledge and wisdom), worthy of
the best Uranian/Aquarian egalitarian rabble rouser.

I'd say were seeing more and more Aquarian tendencies, the demand for direct
knowledge of our Human and Divine selves replaces "faith" and belief in a
paternalizing religious system that separates us from our timeless and
concurrent Origins with a layer of self-reflective doubt.

But Hey, let's say it starts tomorrow! Why the heck not.

Love and Light,
Play for Peace

Date: 10/21/93 5:48 PM

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