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##The Seeds of Peace/Sjeme Mira project, a "small, highly committed
group of activists" who plan to bear"courageous and creative" witness
for peace in former-Yugoslavia, is scheduled to begin its journey into
Bosnia with a rendezvous in Ancona, Italy, on 30 November.

The international group will then ferry across the Adriatic to Split
and beyond, where it will promote reconciliation among the combatants
"through the personal example of our own diversity and tolerance."

The US-initiated project intends to draw on the experience of recent
peacemaing efforts in its two-week foray into Bosnia's besieged zones,
where an Italian activist, Gabriele Moreno Locatelli, was killed in
crossfire on 3 October. Organisers expect the group to number no more
than 200 persons, and are insisting that participants be experienced in
peacemaking techniques *be part of an affinity group structure and sign
a personal pledge of nonviolence. Furthermore, say organisers, "all
participants must be personally known to national coordinators or come
highly recommended by activists who are known."

There are now national coordinators in seven countries. A nonviolence
training for the group will be held from 26-28 November in Minden,

USA: Sjeme Mira, 52 Mason Street, Worcester, MA 01610 (tel +1 508
753 3588; fax 754 9714)

Ireland: Mairead Maguire/Tiffany Danitz, Peace House, 224 Lisburn Road,
Belfast (tel +44 232 663 465; fax 44 232 381 207)

Italy: Lisa Pelletti, Via della Croce, 21/E, I-50012 Bagno a Ripoli FL
(+39 055 63 1629)

Germany: Christine Schweitzer, Luetzowstr 22, D-50674 Koeln (+49 221
240 1819)

Netherlands: Gerard Moorman/ Marc Steen-kamer, Florijn 116-118 , 1102
BA Amsterdam (+31 020 6994320)

Britain: Peggie Preston, Flat 11N, Peabody Estate, Wild Street, London
WC2B 4BX (+44 71 836 6972)

Austria: Saadallah Atrib, Vienna (+43 1 552384)

Belgium: Ernst Glcher, IPIS, Italielei 98A 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
(tel +32 3 2250022; fax 32 3 2250799)

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