Response to Supe Maher's Jive
25 Oct 1993 10:07:53

Editor- It appears thet Mayor Frank Jordan
has fallen into the same trap as former Mayor
Art Agnos by becoming enmeshed in a mud
wrestling match with Keith McHenry and the
'Food Not Bombs' crowd. It's a match the mayor
cannot win.

! Proven when Agnos lost the election after
! arresting Food Not Bombs for 35 days

"Food Not Bombs" are political street brawlers
more concerned with provoking a
confrontation and providing themselves with a
platform for their political agenda then serving
food to the poor.

! Why is "Food Not Bombs" quoted?
! I never see "Central Intelligence Agency".
! We serve the poor by feeding them and providing
! a platform for their political agenda. I
! believe Frank Jordan, Chamber of Commerce,
! Anthony Ribera and other unmentionables
! are the confrontational ones. We are reacting
! to a crisis created by them.

Unfortunately, their
political agenda is more akin to class
warfare than helping the poor. Let's face it folks,
St. Anthony's they're not. Seeing them
arrested does not break my heart.

! These administration and business flacks
! really believe that helping the poor
! (politically) IS class warfare.
! I could care less about Maher's sympathies.

The mayor has recognized this, but his
response has been to send police officers in
to arrest them. By pursuing this course, Mayor Jordan
has fallen into the trap. The mayor has
allowed "Food Not Bombs" to control the homeless
agenda by responding to their taunts and by doing so,
has allowed the public safety of our neighborhoods
to suffer. The Sunset and Ingleside were promised
19 more police officers. Not only was this promise
unfullfilled, the few officers they had
were sent to a media circus at Civic Center. This
is not what the mayor intended for his Matrix program.

! Food Not Bombs will not allow the mayor to
! control the homeless agenda. He is incompetant
! and uncaring. (taunt)
! Indeed Ribera and Jordan pull _hundreds_ of
! officers off their beats to persecute FNB and
! homeless people at the expense of the public.
! This is NOT FNB's doing. This is Mayor Frank
! Jordan's doing.

Let "Food Not Bombs" serve the food [ED. !]. Simply
have a few Northern Station police sweep Civic Center
before and after the meal so that no one group is
allowed to take over the park.

! This is where Maher shows his fascist stripe.
! What in the world is a 'police sweep'. Who's
! taking over the park. While _hundreds_ of
! thousands of dollars are spent busting FNB,
! crack addicts continue to destroy their
! Drug dealers, etc, were a problem LONG before
! FNB entered the picture. Besides, drug
! addicts are relatively harmless (if their not
! hungry!). Why should the police (one group)
! be allowed to take over the park. Who's park
! is it anyway?

In truth, it is not
the hour or two that people are being fed that is the
problem. The real problems are the colonization
of the park, people camping out, public drunkenness
and defecation and violence which deprives other
people of their right to use the Civic Center park.

! Aha! Total Judgement. This guy probably wants
! boot camps and gas chambers.
- Illegal to sleep on the sidewalk, no shelter space
- Illegal to sleep in the park,
- Lots and lots of people are publically drunk,
stinky and otherwise. See Folsom Street Fair,etc.
- Defecation??? - there are NO PUBLIC TOILETS!!!!!
- violence? Caused by hunger?
- Deprives other people of their right to use
!the Civic Center park. This is total bullshit.
!FNB and all relations are peace loving people
!that would gladly feed or talk to anyone about
!their problems.

The fight for Civic Center is important. The fight
with "Food Not Bombs" is not. It is not worth the
risk to our community when we strip our
neighborhoods of their police protection.
Let's not waste our precious resources on people
who aren't worth it.

! The implication being that the fight will continue
! until City Park is 'cleaned up', and that
! there are people 'worth it'. I'd like to know
! who Maher has in mind.

Supervisor Bill Maher


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