Excessive Bail - McHenry, FNB

29 Oct 1993 18:47:57

Keith McHenry was re-booked this afternoon
after it became known he was going to be
bailed out. Original misdemeanors are
being elevated to felonies and the bail
could be $31,100. This is considered
excessive by Food Not Bombs.

He was in court answering to the original
charge of 415.3 offensive words in a public
space intentionally provocing immediate violent
reaction, which he claims to be innocent of.
When, in the property room, Keith was
speaking to Richard and other about Food Not
Bombs business, he was alledgedly 'arrested'
by SFPD. He has been charged with

69 PCF obstruction/resisting an officer in his duties
148 PCM Resisting/delaying an officer
243.B Battery of an officer (these charges have become felonies)
404.6 PCM incitement to riot
405 PCF participating in a riot
602 M
602 F trespassing witha car (?)
malicious tearing down of an official sign

I really don't know what's going on, but were
trying to find out.

Any constitutionalists out there?
Is McHenry being abused?


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