McHenry Free FNB, SF
29 Oct 1993 23:05:58

Keith McHenry was freed at 10:45 pm Friday night
after being arrested at 11:00 am the day before.
All felony charges have been reduced to misdemeanors.

After appearing in court on Thursday for events
of September 29th, Keith, Hugh, Mike Lindy, Greg,
and Richard Chandler went to the property room in
the basement of City Jail to recover 'evidence' from
the police dept. All charges from the 29th were
dismissed. According to McHenry, Greg stated,
"Hey, there's our sign." McHenry reported
seeing our 22 gallon stainless steel cooking pots
hanging in the property area. A man named
Clairborn alledgedly began swearing at Keith and
struck Keith in the face. This man was in plain
clothes. McHenry and others called for police
assistance and an officer arrested McHenry. He
was then charged with 9 offenses and his bail set
at $11,000.

The SFPD increased two misdemeanor charges after
$1110 dollars were presented to bail McHenry out.
In the time that followed, the District Attorney
reduced all charges to misdemeanors and McHenry
was cited out.


As for Miranda, McHenry suggests that Reagen
struck it down in '84. Any suggestions?



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