Happy Halloween FNB

29 Oct 1993 15:15:39

Keith McHenry was arrested outside of 850 Bryant
City Court for resisting arrest, obstructing an
officer, etc. His bail is approx $11,000. The
court date was set at Nov 3, but we'd like to see
him out before that. [maybe in time to levitate the
stock market]

Richard Chandler was arrested with Keith for 'lynching'
which is verbal assault of an officer. I also
met a young african american when I was arrested,
who was charged with felony threatening a police officer
while the officer arrested his cousin.

Chandler will 'probably be ORd [released on own recognizance]
' stated a knowledgable source.



Officer Lindo and another were on hand Friday
for lunch to witness another Food Not Bombs member
serve food while standing in waist deep water. The
officers reluctantly left the scene at 1:45.

Plans to Levitate the Stock Exchange are proceeding.


Does anyone know, like, for sure, that an officer MUST
read you your rights as in Miranda? I have Lindo on
video tape from today stating he did not have to
read me my rights when he arrested me. I asked him
if he forgot.

No arrests friday as of 2pm.
No arrests thursday.
None Wednesday
I was arrested Tuesday night at 6:30pm and released at
10:30 am Wednesday morning.


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