08 Sep 1993 06:05:17

Dear Sibling,
There were three admitted National Gatherings this July. We
will read positive things of each. This note focuses on the
National Rainbow Family Gathering of the Pagan Tribes in the
Cherokee National Forest at 5000 ft on Mt. Rogers Ridge at the
juncture of Tenn., N.C. and Va. From the main meadow all three
states could be seen.
A few attendees didn't make it all the way thru the four mile
walk due to the waterfalls near the half way point. Those who
can envision the almost rainforest variety of greens, wet cliffs
and music around and between two 40 foot cascades understand.
The whole hike thru the cathedral was more than "just getting
There was consensus on several ideas. The National Gathering
next year will be in Oklahoma. Since in primate and human
cultures mothers and grandmothers determine where we children go
next, site selection councils will be at least 50% female and
all grandmothers will be encouraged to attend; girl babies are
more sensitive, attentive to voice tones and have more social
graces; council will be more graceful and civil; we'll all know
our motives are more evident. All we children and adults will
learn with each other in our Kiddie Village. No age or other
class of person will be exiled to reservations . There were 6
females and 6 males at vision council. A grandmother suggested
Okla. and two circuits of the circle found agreement.
Why specify Pagan? Pagan(revering nature) is adapted from
Greek thru L. paganus = civilian, opposed to miles = soldier.
Gentile was once a synonym, in early use practically = non-
Christian. We Rainbow Warrior Pagans aren't anti- military or
anti- Christian; they are as welcome at the gathering as
Europeans and Indians. Jesus wasn't a Christian; he was a
civilian with respect for other civilians and the military
Empire. Some Rainbow writers use standard Judeo-Christian
phrases without defining them which makes the Rainbow appear
filtered thru these sects. The Indigenous Americans were Pagans,
Gentiles; when we exercise our right to gather in their- our
National Forests, we Pagans`clearly express respect for their-
our Native American religion. Greek <agia> is earth; Prancing,
piping Pan personifies ALL nature;; pan agia = whole(holy)
Deepest L. root of word religion, religate- religare means
reconnect (think ligament). Whether we are recombining feelings
and words, body and spirit, intuition and intellect or male and
female modes of thinking we Pagans feel we are reconnected by
our living dance in the Natural Temple of our Forests.
Our drumming rhythms and other joyful noises inspire us to
raise both our soles from Mother Earth in flights of ecstasy. We
push back that dark spirit whose gravity binds, connects us
heavily to earth. Religious Gravity, universal enemy, forbidding
public expression of joy.
The lightness of this rebirth of gentility leaves us few
guidelines beyond golden rule civility. Some groups have taken
advantage of gatherings of persons professing nonviolence to
express their need to dominate. Much safer than playing macho
with good ol' boys. Some females are attracted by and defend
such intimidating displays. These gangs claim they are the
police of the woods when usually they are the political arm of
the few drawn to "leading".
Babylon recognizes and has accepted responsibility for the
problem behavior associated with sale of alcohol. Individuals
are encouraged to encourage Babylon's police to discourage
intimidation by those encouraged by its alcohol. Where possible
the Gathering will be held where possession of alcohol is
illegal so reporters, locals and we don't get our first
impression of the Gathering from the artificial cheer of the
parking lot camp.
The Gathering is an experiment in purely civil government.
Councils are forums with no power to bend the minority to the
majority will. Thus "decisions" are simply a consensus. There's
no guarantee of consensus in nonherd humans. It's only facile
where every councillor has similar principles and is civil. The
four bigboy "Facilitators", introduced in Texas '88 at the after
dark Vision Council to decide by force who got the feather were
not civil. We were told we were there to consent to the decision
for Nev. made a year before in N.C.
Integrity of the Gathering, the experiment, depends on deepest
respect for our council dance. The I disappears in the One & our
council body is free to express the rhythms of the spirit
passing thru the Gathering.

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