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10 Sep 1993 00:48:40

Attention Brothers and Sisters!
Shawnee National Forest Regional Rainbow Gathering
October 1-11 1993

Directions to this years Shawnee National Forest Gathering:

From Illinois Highway 127, go South to turn off to ELCO.
From Elco, go west on country road 27. At forest road 245
turn left and go to forest road 628 (a.k.a. Opossum Trot

To parking area, follow 628 past forest road 643 (trail to
main circle)

Notes: There is no drinking water on site, be sure to bring
plenty to use and share. DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL.

Come share your love, positive energy, hugs, spiritual growth,
peaceful vibrations, knowledge, skills, and the essence of your
being with us in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest.

We are looking for people who are interested in running
workshops on a variety of topics. For more information,
you can contact the Shawnee Focalizer, Mon Amis Hug Patrol
Timelloyd (Lloyd T. Rich) at (618)457-6424 or write him
810 N. Carico, Carbondale, Il 62901. Or, you can contact
me over the computer networks

May Love light your path
Curt Wilson

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