Re: Spirit of Gatherings
10 Sep 1993 15:30:07

>As I have heard ad nauseum from certain sisters and brothers (of the "its
>got to be my way, or NO WAY" persuasion, mainly), Gatherings are not wild
>drum parties in the woods, that NO drugs, alcohol, dogs, or free spirits
>will be tolerated, that "rainbozos", "drainbows", "blissininies", and other
>despicable types are to be shunned and not accepted.
>This is a distastefull attitude, in my mind. Without the wild drum parties
>in the woods, without the freedom to alter ones state of concienciousness
>(or not, by choice) as we want, without the freedom to be strange, wierd, or
>"rainbozo" there wouldnt be any Rainbow Gathering.
>From the other side, I hear diatribes against anyone who has the temerity to
>ask someone to alter thier actions, even if the actions are harming someone,
>claiming that they have the freedom to do WHATEVER they want to. Complaints
>I hear about the people who organize/focalize, calling them "fachist
>dictators that should shut up and let people be free, let people eat (since
>most people only see/hear these people in main circle before main meal),
>leave things be" Again, without these people to take the responsibilities
>and work of making sure all things come together, there would be no Rainbow
>Can there be no way for people to be safe, comfortable, and fed while at the
>same time be free spirits?

While the gatherings ARE in a large part about freedom and release for
a lot of people, especially first timers, it is also about learning, loving

In my opinion perhaps the most important part of the gatherings is the
potential for a transformation of society through the spread of alternative
ways of interacting with each other. But at the same time we need to learn
from our own mistakes.

As we've all seen in the last few years, the type of misunderstandings and
even confrontations that take place on a micro level between "rainbow cops"
and "blissninies" or "rainbozos" can also interfere in our basic organization
and ability to reach consensus on sites etc.

I don't pretend to have the answers other than to enter with an open heart
and a sprit of love & light.

Geoff /^\

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