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>It's true, I used the words "rainbozo" and "not a drum party in the woods."

>I guess I'm just ready to let it go, you know.

Nope, guess not.

>Not my kind of scene, when you can't hear the crickets all night because of the
>fucking drums.

I have had the same complaint before as well. The simple way to deal
with this is to move my camp further from the drumming. This is a simple
solution for me, but for others that cannot handle the idea of not being
able to drive to that further place, too bad. The natives of this planet
often walked distances that would blow my mind to just *think* about walking
that far.

>I love a good drum circle, but I've had it with the hard heads that seem to
>feel their MANHOOD (very few sisters in them circles...) is connected with
>whether they can drum louder and longer than their neighbors.

Seems like those people, beating the hell out of the drums, getting
that energy onto a drumhead is *much* a better way to deal with years of
pent-up anger, rage, etc. I would rather have them beating on the drums than
on the bodies of my brothers and sisters.

>The European Gathering in Ireland was exceptionally peaceful, and quiet.
>However, there was lots of guitar and fiddle and tin whistle and didjeridoo,
>along with a modest complement of drummers. Even singing.....

When I finally make it bigtime and can afford to go camping in Europe
at a gathering, I will finally join the leagues of those who bitch the loudest.
Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you or the others that complain so loudly, but
do so little to help induce change, that Europe has a culture that is by far,
much different from the culture of the United States. Here, we are taught as
children to screw whoever and whenever possible to ensure that your existance
(Its not worthy of calling it a life) is better than the next persons.

Harsh, yes, but true. Look at the "drainbows, blissninny's, and dreadheads"
that blow off gatherings because of the fucked up ideas and power tripping
elders that cry and block when they don't get their ways. These are the same
groups of "the problem starters" that go around the country and feed the
homeless, and bring more of the lot off of Grateful Dead tour, helping them
find Home. The same lot that struggle year around, not the couple weeks most
of the other Parttime-Rainbows do. I know "Rainbows" that make better than
50,000 dollars a year and complain about how hard life is. I guess I shouldn't
speak here, I am a "trustifarian" or a "trustfund baby" as the "elders" call
us. To hell with the Elders. The Elders these days are more of the problem.
The same lot that split gatherings to make sure that they can get a good night
of sleep, while those of us, such as myself, are up at 3am or later, scrubbing
the soot off of pots, or prepping food and boiling water for hours on end to
make sure that when you wake up after a good night of sleep, you have a hot
breakfast and coffee or tea. And, its sanitary. I personally will not attend
a national gathering again. I perfer the intimacy of a regional, where family
unites with the Mother. Not a two week blow-out of 20,000 people that destroy
delicate ecosystems. There is *no* way, even with major clean-up efforts to
undo the damage that 20,000 people walking, camping, cooking, burning fires,
bathing, dancing, etc, etc, etc, for two weeks, and then the other 300 - 1000
that get there weeks before and are there weeks after the gather ends, do to
the Mother. Thats ***ALOT*** of impact. Think about this oh High-Holy's.
Multiple Nationals, in different parts of the country, and regionals year
around. Thats *MY* vision.


>So sue me.

I rest my case.

>Love and Light--
>Play for Peace!


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