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13 Sep 1993 10:57:54

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>Hey, Sprite--

>>I personally will not attend a national gathering again. I perfer the
>>intimacy of a regional, where family unites with the Mother. Not a two >week
>blow-out of 20,000 people that destroy delicate ecosystems.

>I couldn't agree more.

>I'm not quite sure if you're lumping me in with the "highholies" that complain.
>If so, I'm sure "they'd" be surprised!

No, I was pointing fingers at nobody in particular. I've met you
a few times (last time was the Wisconsin regional last spring) and did not
feel you were a high holy. I enjoyed helping do water runs with you. Had
some interesting chats about networking.

>>When I finally make it bigtime and can afford to go camping in Europe
>>at a gathering, I will finally join the leagues of those who bitch the

>It only takes the effort to make it happen. I don't think the fact that I could
>come up with $450 for a RT ticket makes me a capitalist slimebag.

Again, I am simply pointing out that a large number of those that
bitch the loudest are also those that never contribute to magic hat, or
travel around the world and point out the flaws of gatherings without really
contributing to the healing of those that need. Yes, when someone new comes
into the Family, they are often in need of alot of love and healing, not the
usual "you drum too loud", or "take a bath you bug infested deadhead", or
any of the other downgrading that often happens. Its no wonder there are so
many brothers and sisters full of anger or sadness at gatherings, and in
their private lives as well.

>A lot more than that has come from this pocket to feed people on the Rainbow


Peace and Love,


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