Channel 2 Tapes FNB Kitchen
16 Sep 1993 07:44:23

The news team was in my kitchen this morning
videotaping James Henry and Micheal ? chopping
purple potatoes and witnessing the cleanliness
of the operation. This tape was played on the 10
O'Clock news, along this this soup later being
confiscated by police and Keith McHenry being
arrested. In thier report, a Mayoral lackey,
who's name does not bear repeating, stated
"Food Not Bombs is just making an anarchistic
statement, and we're not going to let them do that."
This is preposterous and diverges greatly
from the Mayor's previous stance that Food Not
Bombs is a public health threat. We are now
threatening because of an IDEA. Oh my God.

3 Arrested at lunch Keith McHenry - who was kept
in isolation until 8:45 (from 12:30pm) -no phone
4 Arrested at dinner including Victor Vasquez and
James Ciarccini.

The interviewed Sargeant (SFPD) stated that
"as long as the Mayor's office makes complaints,
we'll arrest."

bootlegged from Associated Press
Israeli Company OPens New Fax Line to God

Faxing notes to God has been such a hit that the
Israeli phone company has opened another line to
the divine and plans to publish a book of the best
prayers and messages.
In January, the national phone company, BEZEK,
decided to make a business of the hundreds of notes
stuffed each day into the crannies of Jerusalem's
Wailing Wall. It opened a fax line to receive the mes-
sages, which are copied and sent by messenger to the
wall, Judaism's holiest shrine.

The number for publishable faxes is
972-2-235-555 (I called this and the prefix is 973)
and confidential ones are
Calls are not toll free.

Andrew Rose FAX   end killing

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