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22 Sep 1993 07:51:54

I sat in on a chamber of commerce meeting yesterday
and with the help of some friends tried to make
it clear the USGov. was in a state of decline, and
that the City's thought that the homeless 'problem'
can be solved with 'jobs' is unworkable.
One lady even thought that work is where you
"meet people, network, and build community."
When I mentioned how wrapped up people were in a
hebrew-protestant work ethic, another person went
ballistic. "People have to work!" she declared.
In this meeting it was said that $48 million is spent
on the homeless 'problem' not including public
health. I say we serve 80-200 meals a day with
not one cent of City money and go to jail for it.

Monday Evening Sept 20,
Matt Dodd, Video Victor, and Video Chance were arrested
for serving food without a permit and obstruction. Victor
was videotaping an undercover officer (wore dirty clothes
with wires sticking out?) who grabbed his videocamera and
threw it down, before Victor was arrested. Chance videotaped
this, and the videocamera, which belongs to the Homeless
Coalition, before he was also arrested (apparently for video
taping). What is going on here? Do we now need a permit to
videotape? I asked KPFA newsman about this and he said
"Well, I know reporters need press passes, else the police
charge them with obstruction."
"So they give you a permit so they can take it away? Is
that right?" I asked.
"Yeah, I guess."

I wonder how many camera people need permits to photograph
and videotape illegal operations by the police. I wonder
if people take such footage without permits.

Tuesday Lunch Sept 21,
Richard Chandler, long time defender of justice, was arrested
for serving food with a permit and cited out less than two
hours later. The 5gallon white bucket and the ladle were kept
as "evidence". This evidence is for a trial which will never happen
(~480 arrests, 0 convictions, 0 trials) and is merely harrassment.
We have been openly accused by the media of throwing ladles, which
no one would do, while the police steal our white buckets and ladles

Tuesday Dinner Sept 21,
Dinner servers were greeted by three patrol cars, two vans, and
no motorcycles, and no horses. Mike ? and Brian ? and man-with
grey-sweats were arrested for serving food without a permit. Dave
Grace showed up with a bucket of soup and served the rest of the
people. We have found that keeping some food out of sight from the
officers allows us to continue feeding after the first arrests.

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In the age of computer efficiency, where gas station attendents,
tellers, street sweepers, etc are mechanised and coded, and
where 2% of the population is needed to feed EVERYONE, there
is only work of certain types. If people are not qualified
for those jobs, and do not have the option of getting
qualified, why shouldn't you (we) support them. Consider
yourself lucky to have a job, fortunate to enjoy it,
and kind enough to pay your taxes. Would you rather have
the government protect these people, educate them and
raise them, or ignore them to fester. How about we
take 50% of your tax dolar, use %15 to pay for interest
on old wars and take the rest to buy weapons. How about


What's the difference between work and voluntary prison?

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Good luck and hang in there! I was serving food with FNB San Francisco
2 years ago when they were donig exactley the same thing, arresting people
and dumping out the soup. Eventualy thet will tired of hastling you!

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Keep up the good work!

In Solidarity,

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