Catholic Priests Arrested with Food
28 Sep 1993 13:53:01

Tuesday Sept, 28
Civic Center, San Francisco

Three catholic priests (Jesuit, Redemptor, ?)
were arrested at around 12:30 this afternoon
for feeding people without a permit. This
permit issue has become a great bother for
Food Not Bombs, which has had a health permit
for several years and is unable to apply for
a Park and Rec permit because "No Food Will
Be Distributed For Free in a City Park" ordinance
from October, 1991.

Pat Leahan and Steven Kelly and ? along with
a 'religous woman' were taken by Officer 1477
and four others, without difficulty, after
being warned and allowed five minutes to serve.

We forgave them because of course, they know
not what they do. :)

The cellular phone is really coming in handy.
The video project is going great and this
electronic net idea is OK too.


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