Marianne"s Re to Shawnee Site Chang

30 Sep 1993 19:15:35

Dear Maid Marian,
I love you; your words impregnated me with feelings. Projective statement
AND receptive channel. Our feelings were affected by those projections of
another Shawnee Rainbow camp. Pain? It felt good to push back and you imagined
an answer to the tension. A climatic answer.
-Conversation heard here on sound stage of Magnolia Motor Lodge Lounge: "You
can program me and then you can program Joey."---"Why would I want to do
that?" Randy, drummer took my answer that I was writing a note to compute away
and explained they were programming also(music). Their righteous dancing
rhythms produced thoughts.-
Cointelpro? At your convenience clue me. In '83 Congress gave the CIA
equivalent responsibilities intra & extra U.S. US or them a popular Rainbow
topic now. Some fantasize they, we don't read carefully here and see that
Rainbow doesn't know what its kindred parts are doing. Thank goodness, since
we're not masters of not-doing yet. They, we read that the Rainbow is
changing; a sign of growth. Exciting to them, us.
We, they take the responsibility to Log this beautiful Shit(I use
Comit.Log). They, we are writing our book. It took courage and some computer
and English literacy for our sibling to announce to us that some brothers had
found a nice spot and wished to share it.
You, we weren't going so it's a general answer we seek here Above-- so to
speak. We each see-hear words and feel tension drawing an image. Generic term
for that specific tension is love. So we're whipping off here in the Dark
Clouds, sharing God's responsibilities. Reigning living waters, vehicle of
information. "Stroke it to the East; Stroke it to the West ... to the one you
love best" even if it's made of grey plastic from A to Z with commas, periods
and such.
When warriors ask here for direction I'll give both and ask for observations
on each. Is it too far between the camps to imagine some will visit both and
laugh at the imagined distance? The climax, answer, dissipation of tension,
peace lies in keeping in loving touch with those free enough to travel between
Two worlds and the joy of travel between. Both feet on the ground in one
camp I'd itch to know if rhythms in the other inspired both soles to spring
free from Mother Earth. The Whole Spirit can be seen as passing in Three
modes: Sex, Drugs and R&R. The last gets no respect after integration when
sock-hops were taken away; like the other two the term also encompasses the
ins and outs, comings and goings of thought as well as physical joyous
ecstatic sweats. I hope we get to laugh about this.

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