There is a fair use of 2-way radios at a Gathering. CALM is no exception. At a Gathering of the Tribes, radio communications are essential. CALM utilizes a powerful 2-way radio system, on both FRS and GMRS bands and a repeator. At Gatherings, CALM is regularly on "Channel 3" which is on the FRS band. Anyone with a FRS radio can turn to 3 and establish prompt communication with CALM. Additionally, CALM radios dually monitor and use a GMRS/repeator frequency which provides for very long distance communication.

At the Gathering, the communication system is put in place and monitored 24 hours a day. *CALM DOES NOT SLEEP!* CALM is staffed 24 hours a day for the entire Gathering and well working radios with plentiful supplies of batteries are always on hand. Most of the senior CALM crew also have personal radios and are on-call for medical emergencies when they are not at the CALM unit. Those on the medical emergency "short list" keep their radios on 24 hours a day.

We also use many HAM frequencies because they often have longer range in the woods and ability to get to town. This is especially important early in the gathering before CALM has set up it's own repeaters. We use local, already established, HAM repeaters to assist in communication. In places like Alabama in '93 and California in 2004 use of HAM repeaters, when no other long range communication was available, has been instrumental in saving lives. Regular CALM folks are encouraged to study and take the test (about a weekends work) to pass a technician class HAM license and or get a GMRS license (about $70 for 7 years) for use of the CALM UHF repeater.