If you have a belly button, an open heart and a curious mind, than we invite you to be a member of the CALM tribe. All sorts of skills are needed to run a CALM unit efficiently. Beside folks with specific healing skills and/or a desire to learn there are many other ways to serve.


Carpenters and Builders to set up and maintain our tents, tarps and various systems. We need folks to build shelving for the supplies and to build our hand washing stations, foot cleaning area and to dig gray pits for the deposal of various wastes.

Water haulers.

Fire builders and wood gatherers to maintain our herbal tea kitchen

Kitchen crew to feed the CALM clan who often do not have the time to go to another kitchen to eat. It would be great for a specific kitchen to agree to set up near CALM and to commit to feeding the healers..Any volunteers?

Greeters. Do the immediate triage when someone comes to CALM for assistance. A greeter may help someone who just needs to get a bandaid or the greeter may help the person to find the best healer to work with or advise him/her on his/her condition. (This is a great way to learn basic first aid and to get to know what the various CALM healers do best.)

Apothecary dispensor. (This is a good way to learn about herbs.) Maintains supplies and herbs. Lets CALM council know when we are running low on certain supplies.

Radio Crew. This is a very important job because we are available and on-call 24 hours a day for the entire Gathering. Since CALM also serves as our on-site hospital unit for serious medical emergencies, we must at all times be in contact with Shanta Sena and the other members of the communications team. We need a group of people who are available 24 hours a day to monitor our radio system and to reach the healers who are not presently at the CALM unit but who are on-call for emergency situations. Each radio crew person must commit to monitoring the radio for a specific time period.

Runners. Help with obtaining and moving supplies between CALM and other camps. Can include going to town for medical supplies and zuzus. Ambulance drivers. We need an available, well maintained vehicle and licensed drivers in case someone needs to be transported to a local hospital.

Those who assist with patient transfer need to be able to communicate with hospital staff, stay with the patient until the patient’s needs are properly assessed and then must report back to the CALM healers who made the call to have the patient transferred. This feedback is necessary for constancy of care. Also arrangements need to be made to return the patient to the Gathering.

Sanitation crew members. Again, a very important job!!! These people are entrusted to make sure that good sanitation is maintained throughout the Gathering. Their job is to visit all of the kitchens at the Gathering and to work with the individual kitchen crews to make sure that good sanitation is maintained. They make sure that each kitchen has a good hand and dish washing setup. They check to see that the shitters are well maintained, covered, and that there is a good supply of lime at each shitter. They also do public health outreach. If they learn that there is some one with a health problem at one of the kitchens, they work with the kitchen crew to make sure that the ill person gets proper first aid, is sent to CALM, or if necessary, one of the on-call CALM members will be notified to make a “hippie house-call.” The sanitation crew reports to CALM council on a daily basis. They will also need to be able to work with Shanta Sena and with the radio crew.

Banker. CALM representative to Banking Council. Needs to be good at getting money. Works with CALM council to decide how money is spent for supplies.


Good vibes bringers