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Over the years I’ve heard lots of versions of this story. This one is mine:

I was working at CALM at the 1988 Pennsylvania Regional at Heart’s Content. It was about 2 in the morning and things had been quiet at CALM for over an hour. It was a full moon and we could hear the drummers and the excitement down at Main Circle. Since things were so quiet, Gin and I, who were staffing CALM, decided that we’d take a walk down to Main Circle and check it out.

Just as we were about to leave, Wally came running towards us saying, “Jane. Quick. I need your help. I just broke my tooth up at popcorn palace and you need to crazy glue it back together. I’ve got some crazy glue to glue it back on.”

“Wally, that’s crazy, “ I said. “You can’t use crazy glue on a tooth. I won’t work and it’s toxic. Why don’t you go to the dentist tomorrow.”

“I want it done now, and I’ve got some crazy glue right here,” he said as he handed me the tube. “You gotta do this now, Jane.”

As dumb as I thought the idea was, I said that I’d try. I told him that first I needed to get the proper equipment together to keep things as clean as possible. As I was looking around in the poorly lit CALM unit for gloves, a sterile field sheet and q-tips, John Buffalo, who was making his Shanta Sena rounds, came by to check up on us.

Wally told John that he had chipped his tooth and that we were going to apply crazy glue. I again said, “That’s really a dumb thing to do to treat a tooth.”

John said, “No, that crazy glue works really good. I got a bad cut once and I put crazy glue on it and it healed up really well. See.” He showed us a scar on his hand. “Here. give me that crazy glue. I’ll fix it for you, Wally.”

Above my verbal protests, John took the tube of crazy glue, put some on the tooth chip, and stuck it back into Wally’s mouth.”

And then...John said, “Wally. I’m not shitting you. But my finger is stuck to your tooth. I can’t move it.”

“Jane, you gotta do something,” said Wally anxiously.

So I did something. I fell down on the ground laughing. I rolled and rolled. I couldn’t stop laughing. Here were these two men on the ground, mouth and hand intertwined and stuck together. I finally stated, “What ever you do, don’t move or the two of you could get hurt.” And I laughed some more.

“Jane. Stop laughing. You gotta get us unstuck.”

Laugh. Laugh.

` Finally, after what have seemed like hours to Wally and John Buffalo, I gained my composure enough to start looking for ways to dis-glue them from each other. I started looking through the CALM supplies.

And then I saw it. Dental floss. Laughing all the way, I took a piece of dental floss and sawed John’s finger off Wally’s tooth.

With all of the commotion at CALM, a small crowd gathered, we repeated the story several times and everyone laughed. Someone offered to write it up and submit it to All Ways Free. We decided that reprinting it wouldn’t be a good and the tooth trip should just end there.

But the story never did die down. By the next morning it was all over the Gathering.

By the way, the crazy glue didn’t hold and Wally did have to go to a dentist to have his tooth repaired. Gin and I never did make it to the Main Circle drumming. And even though the story never did make it to AllWaysFree, the story has become part of the Rainbow Hipstory.

And if anyone wants to know how I feel about the whole incident, I just say: It was no skin off my teeth. Jane LightWarrior


We were hanging out at Water’s CALM bus at Bus Village at the 1992 Colorado Gathering, when we got this call on the CB that someone had gone down near Welcome Home near the trail head. Water and I got into a car and drove over in a car with supplies to check things out. When we got there we found a man who had been serious effected by the high altitude, who was also a smoker with a history of other respiratory problems. He had collapsed due to breathing problems. We gave him some homeopathics, acupressure and bottled oxygen and within minutes he was stabilized.

What Garrick told me latter is that he was having a conversation with a big honcho from FEMA just feet away from where this brother went down. Just before the incident, the honcho had asked Garrick what Rainbow did for medical emergencies and Garrick had told him that Rainbow had the CALM medical crew.

And within minutes the honcho saw us revive someone. Apparently he was very impressed. He told Garrick, “FEMA doesn’t respond as quickly”!!!!!!!!! Jane LightWarrior


A man with a history of positive HIV infection was brought to us via stretcher at the 1990 Minnesota Gathering., He was very weak and was also suffering from a very painful outbreak of herpes zoster (shingles) to his back. He was dehydrated and his vital signs were not normal. He needed medical attention and several of us worked on him. Captain Crunch did some chiropractic, Jimbo gave him some herbs and Tools did something as well. After they were done I did two acupuncture treatments on him; one to bring up his energy level (Qi) and a second to treat his shingles. After he was done, he was stretched back to his camp and told that he should return the next day for another treatment.

Well, he didn’t return the next day. So the following day I went to do a hippie housecall at his camp at Lovin’ Oven. When I got there he was no where to be found. I was told that he was doing so well that he had gone to the Trading Circle for the day. Jane LightWarrior


(I have several stories from the fire. But I’ve already told several CALM stories. I know that there are some real miracles that happened that day. Does anyone have a good story about CALM that they’d like to share? Otherwise, I’ll tell another story myself. Please submit any miracles to CALM.


(I know that there are some real miracles out there. Please send stories and/or photos to CALM for submission.)