North American Calendar of Events for 2000

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Any phone numbers or email addresses listed here are for information and directions only. Being listed as a contact here is decided by me the web maintainer, and these people should never be considered as leaders or representatives of the Rainbow Family.

Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is.

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Jan 1-15
Mississippi gathering in Desoto National Forest. Brooklyn, Ms is located 20miles south of Hattiesburg off Highway 49 Take Brooklyn Exit go to Main Street go east on Main till you run into Ashe Nursery Rd. Proceed 2 miles on Ashe Nursery rd.until you reach a 4way intersection take a left there on 319 it is a dirt road also known as New York Road. Proceed on 319 for approximately 3and 7tenths miles and take another left on 319G about a half-a-mile you should see fires and Welcome Home.
Jan 15-16
Florida Rainbow Family council, Hopkins Prairie. For more info, try the Florida Rainbow Family web page.
Full Moon, January 2000
Guatemala Gathering. For 10 days around the full moon of January near the village of Santiago Atitlan, on Lake Atitlan in the altiplano. We need scouts & seed camp folks early to find a gathering site as the locals have planted a milpa on our usual beach on the slopes of San Pedro volcano. In Guatemala, contact Bob 'Ashep' Thomas at the Moonfishcafe above the central cuchilla in Panajachel. For more info, email Hopper at
January 8th
Hoosier Rainbow Family council and potluck, 2pm at 4:00 515 South Washington St., Bloomington, IN
Jan 8th
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington State Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
Jan 16th
South San Francisco Bay third Sunday potluck picnic / council will be on January 16th at the Sunnyvale Baylands County Park. Picnic begins at "Rainbow Noon"... Circle 2ish (all times approximate). Directions: Highway 237 to Lawrence Expressway (Carribean). The park entrance is an immediate right turn just north of Hwy 237. The park is mostly flat and open... The picnic area is under a metal grill canopy which tarps can be laid on if it rains. This is an all-weather event.
Jan 20th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
Jan 29th
Sac-Hills-Rainbow Family of Living Light Potluck/Drum Circle. We who are brothers and sisters of the earth, humbly invite all races, peoples, and tribes to gather with us for the day on Saturday January 29th, 2000, noon til dark. This is a spiritual gathering, absolutely free and non-commercial. We are here to express and rejoice in the sacredness of ourselves, nature, the earth, and the spirit that connects us all.
Directions: From Sacramento go west on I-80 to Vacaville. Continue thru town til you come to the Pena Adobe/Lagoon Valley Park exit which is about 1.5 miles west of town. Follow signs to Lagoon Vally Park/ Vaca-Pena. If the weather is NOT rainy turn right into Lagoon Vally Park DRIVE PAST PARK BOOTH and proceed on main road, being careful of geese, to the big pavilion at the far end of the lot by the lake. (NOTE: IGNORE $3 FEE NOTICE-- BROTHER THAT WORKS IN THE PARK HAS TAKEN CARE OF IT FOR US.)
If it IS rainy, go forward on Pena Adobe road to the end. Turn right at fence and park off the road on the field to the right. Watch for rainbow signs that day.
Please bring :firewood, vegetarian food, non-alcoholic drinks, drums, kites, hugs, acoustical instruments, poetry, bicycles, love, blankets, smiles, your own cup-spoon-bowl, good vibes, rain gear if needed, sunscreen, goose food, hiking shoes and belly buttons.
Please DO NOT BRING:alcohol, boom boxes, loose dogs (lots of ducks and geese wander), bad vibes.


Feb 25-27
Alaska Winter Regional. For more info, go to the Alaska Rainbow Family web site.
Feb 5 - 6
Florida Rainbow Family council at Farles Prarie. For more info, try the Florida Rainbow Family web page.
Feb 11 - 20
Florida Regional Rainbow Family gathering, site to be announced. Directions announced Feb 7th. For more info, try the Florida Rainbow Family web page.
Feb 11 - 14
Annual Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out, Michigan. Site to be determined--if you have suggestions, please send them to Gonzo We *really* want to locate a new site!
Feb 12th
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington Central Park. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
Feb 12th
SCROLL Trailer Maintenance Party. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
Feb 19th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).


March 11th
Unamed Circle Potluck, 4pm. 515 S. Washington St., Bloomington,
March 11th
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington Central Park. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
March 17 - 19th
NERF council in Worcester. For more info, call the NERF lightline at 914-774-4100.
March 17 - 19th
Ozark Rainbow Spring Counsel. Near Lead Mine Missouri along the Niangua At the Lead Mine Conservation Area: (Named for the "Leadmine" Mennonite Family) Directions to be announced 1 week prior to the Counsel at the Ozark Rainbow Family web site. This is a working counsel with a suggested agenda toward an Ozarks Spring Regional 2000. Please come preparded for the scouting to follow counsel should you feel so called. Kitchen will need food donations for the counsel as well as donations for the scout kitchen. If you have extra kitchen utensels, tools, C.A.L.M supplies or other scouting stuff, please bring them. Bring maps, pictures and any other info. on sites you would like scouted for the regional.
Folks from the Arkansas area are encouraged to come to the counsel as there has been much interest in scouting that part of the territory. It is highly possible that an Arkansas Counsel will be called at this Counsel. Please bring maps and other info. on the Arkansas area. If you would like to help, donate, or recieve additional information on progress, please contact your local focalizer or send an e-mail to
March 18 - 19th
Unamed Circle "Hoosier Family Times" Spring Council. Yellowwood Lake Camp Ground. Council is high noon Sunday. Your input is essential to planning this gathering. Directions to Yellowwood: From the Bloomington, IN. Bypass take Hwy 45 north aprox. 12 miles to mile marker 53. Follow signs for Yellowwood State Forest. Turn right on Lanam Ridge Rd. go one half mile and turn right on Yellowwood Rd. Go 3 mi. to the northern camp ground on the lake.
March 18 - 19th
Colorado Rainbow Family Spring Council. Site to be announced on the Colorado Lightline, 303-595-1077.
March 19th
San Francisco Bay third Sunday potluck picnic/council will be on March 19 at the Sunnyvale Baylands County Park. Picnic begins at "Rainbow Noon"... Circle 2ish (all times approximate). Location: Sunnyvale Baylands County Park Directions: From S.F. area -- drive Highway 101 south to Hwy 237 to the Lawrence Expressway / Carribean exit. Exit north and take the first right turn (at the traffic light) into the park entrance. From east bay: Take Highway 880 to Hwy 237, etc. just from the other direction. From Santa Cruz, take Highway 17 to Hwy 280 north to Lawrence Expressway north -- continue on Lawrence Expressway under Hwy 237 and right into the park. From San Jose and southward: Take Hwy 101 north to Lawrence Xway, etc.
March 19th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
March 25 - 27
The Kidz of Arkansas invite you to come and gather with us on the land for fellowship, healing, and fun. Monthly Camp-Outs, Drum Circles ,PotLuck Dinners ,Free Huggzzz. Newton County, where the Buffalo and White Rivers meet.Drum Circle, Kitchen and Kind Folks Come join the scouts and help explore Arkansas! Please bring can foods, tarps, kitchen utensels, good vibes, all kind things, drums & musical equip. All kind hearted sould Welcome! Kidz of Arkansas web site.


April 16th
Potluck in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The park is open from 9am-10pm. We'll be eating around 2 and having a circle afterwards. This is the only potluck that I know of around these parts, and I'm hoping that it becomes a more consistent thing. People are encouraged to bring lots of love, hugs, any musical instruments, any poems, stories, or artwork they would like to share, anyone they love, including pets(don't forget their leashes and a scooper of sorts). Pinicon has a campground too, If anyone is interested in camping out afterwards. For more info, directions, or if you have suggestions e-mail to or call 319-366-0718.
April 18th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
April 14 - 22th
Greetings from Central California, With respect for nature and each other, all peaceful beings are invited to join in celebration of the seasons change and renewal of the spirit. Gathering begins dusk April 14 through April 20 clean up April 21,22. From Bakersfield Hwy 178 East to Lake Isabella /Kernville exit, at stop turn left on 155 go approx 1 mile turn left( after bridge) at north Raft launch site , Keysville. Follow paved road 2.2 miles. Bear right at fork where pavement ends. Follow dirt road 3.4 miles to Black Gulch North. Turn left . WELCOME HOME! Please come self sufficent and alcohol is discouraged.
April 14th
Arkansas Kidz & The Peace Conspiracy present: Peace-Out in the Park Downtown Hot Springs Arkansas Friday April 14th, 2000. Come enjoy a fun filled day in the park and enjoy the springs. Schedule includes a pot-luck lunch, frisbee & games, singing and good vibes. Tour the park and see the sites. Wonderful oppertunity for the whole family. At Mount Ida, Arkansas, The "BIG" Crystal Hunt, Stanley Crystal Mine. One day dig for crystals and fun. Local Camp-out Spot. Wear old clothes and bring... Hand trowel, bucket, small dental pick, good boots, bring picnic goodies and water....
Goto Mount Ida to the Stanley Minerals Company on Hwy 270 Mr. Stanley asks for a donation to dig ($?.00) a very fair donation He will give you a key/map to mine located 10 miles east of Mount Ida. Folks who make the trip can decide where there will be a camp-out as there is forest locally. Now would be a great time for family fun and to get a kind crystal! Site is littered with crystals everywhere, a guarnteed ground score! For more info, go to the Arkansas Kidz web site.
April 15th
Potluck Picnic called in Peace Park, D.C. Park also called Lafayette Park , Circle @ Rainbow Noon (about 1 PM) Prayer Circle For World Peace. Hoping folks bring Food to Feed and Folks to Eat It. Spread the word and ask that this be a Peaceful Scene to Energize Us all For Sunday. Info on Mid-Atltantic Hotline 1-202-PYREMAL { (202)-797-4242}.
April 22 - 28th
Utah Regional near Moab. To get to the site: Go to Castle Dale (south of Price), 1/2 mile North of town is a road going to the Buckhorn Wash pictographs. Go to the pictographs, continue 2 miles to the main site. A camp is the 2nd campground past the pictographs, bus village is 3 miles down from the main site, along the river.
April 30th
Madison, WI Rainbow Family picnic and drum circle will be held at Olin Park on Sunday April, 30 at Rainbow noon, i.e. about 1:00 p.m. until around dark, as was consensed at March's meeting of a couple dozen folks. Madison Family traditionally meets for food, drumming, heart-songs and counsel, on the last Sunday of each month, weather permitting. Folks are encouraged to bring vegan food, drums, percussion instruments, and loving kindness.


May 5 & 7
Michigan Spring Council, Saranac, Michigan. Take I-96 to exit 59 between Grand Rapids and Lansing (labelled Clarksville exit if coming from the east, Saranac exit if coming from the west); go north--you're on Nash Hwy. Go to Peck Lake Rd., turn left (west). Go to Kyser Rd., turn right (north). Go to the end, Riverside Dr., turn right. Go a couple hundred yards to the second driveway (with the dog kennel sign, just before the little bridge). 9639 W. Riverside Dr. Welcome welcome welcome! For "what's-it-all-about" info: Great Lakes Rainbow ((313) 761-4243 or this e-mail); for "help-me-I'm-lost!" info: (616) 642-0460. Unfortunately collect calls cannot be accepted. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.
May 16
NY Rainbow'S Annual Spring Benefit featuring:
THE ZEN TRICKSTERS, ROCKER T AND THE IRT BAND, THE BLUES GUITAR OF SPIDER PRUITT, TRIBERIUS TRIO, FOLK SOUNDS OF LIZA GARELIK. Plus a Special Tribute to Vern Helper. WETLANDS PRESERVE 161 HUDSON ST. NYC (212)966-4225 Doors open at 8PM $10 Donation Call NY Rainbow Lightline for more info! (212)560-7111
May 19
Ozarks Spring Scout Counsel. From Mountain Home Arkansas take 201 south 11 miles, turn right on 341 push mountain road and cross over sheids bridge,travel 16 miles and then on your left there is a small turn off that is 200 ft long and 25 ft wide. Park and then directly across the main road drop the ridge for about 10 minutes to the bluff line and the shelters. For more info. check:
May 25 - June 5
The Spirit of Sunbear gathering will be in Vermont on Memorial Day week May 25 to June 5th. The main ceremony will on June 5th at rainbow High noon. For more info, call the NERF lightline at 914-774-4100.


June 2 - 11
Ozarks Spring Regional. From Mtn Home Arkansas, take Hwy. 201 south 11 miles. Turn right on "341" Push Mtn road Cross over Sheids bridge, travel 7.5 miles Turn right at "Cartney Access" and follow approx. 2.5 miles. Site is along the confluance of the Buffalo and White River on the south side. Trail is level and flat / 1.5 mile hike to main circle. Physically Challenged Accessable! For more info, go to the Peace Conspiracy web site.
June 3
NEON (NorthEast Ohio Natives) announces its first potluck for the new Millenium, Saturday, June 3, 2000, Rainbow mid-afternoon (2 pm) at Brookside Park in Ashland, OH. Summer is here, and we want all of our Family to enjoy meeting each other and spending some time getting to know one another. We *will* be having a council circle, so come prepared to talk! :) Please bring: Good vibes, healthy food/beverage to share, cup, bowl, spoon, acoustic music makers (guitars, drums, etc.), friends, loved ones, and a leash for any 4-legged friends. Please leave behind: Boom Boxes, Bad Vibes, Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons. This is a city park, so be prepared for possible police drive-bys. There is an online map if needed. If you need further directions or info, don't hesitate to email Crystalhawk
June 10th - ??
Spring Council for the Montana/Idaho gathering. Directions; Spring Circle near Wisdom. On map of Idaho or Montana, look in southwest area, for town of wisdom, south of Wisdom 18 miles is the town of Jackson, first road south of Jackson, (1/2 mile or so) goes West toward Miner's Lake... go west toward mountains 8 mile, then left to spring circle site... (turn is before Hooten Lake) (please drive slow by the farms) until you come to a left turn onto BLM land... 6.5 miles off highway 278. A nice pole fence is visible on your left, past the farms, then a left turn onto BLM... Please bring extra supplies, water, tools etc... to resupply Scouts and for Spring Circle to be self-sufficient plus... Welcome!
Jackson is approx 61 miles northwest of Dillon Montana (on highway 15) also-- I-15 south from Butte to highway 43, west to Wisdom, south on highway 278 to Jackson.
June 10th
Gallup Park Picnic, 2 PM to dusk, Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.
June 14 - 25th
The Peace Conspiracy humbly invites all Peaceful beings to come and Celebrate, Pray and enjoy Freedom and Love of Fellowship in the Open Cathedral of Nature. Mayfield Spring in the Mark Twain National Forest, Laclede County, Missouri 13 miles east of Lebanon Missouri on Hwy. 32 to "Z" Hwy, South on "Z" Hwy. 7 miles to "Mayfield Spring Access" (Berry RD.), East 1 mile to "Utopia Rd.", (River Access), South on "Utopia" to Site 1 mile. Sweatlodge, Earth Healing, Spiritual Wholeness, Liberty Tree, Nourishment, Family. Drum Circle, Kiddie Zone, Networking, Workshops, Road Help, Big Huggzz Nature Walks, Crafts & Trading, And lots of other good fun for the whole Tribe. For more info, go to the Peace Conspiracy web site.
June 16
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
June 18
South SF Bay Area Picnic. Picnic starts at Rainbow Noon.... Circle 2-ish or... ? Bring food, drinks, drums, musical instruments, all good things...
Directions: Highway 280 to Foothill Expressway; South on Foothill Boulevard PAST the light at Stevens Creek Boulevard; past residences; down the windy road and turn left (carefully ! ) at the park entrance. Continue slowly downhill PAST the first parking lot, past the Ranger Station to the back parking lot. Look for Family ( listen for drums -- maybe ) towards the back left by the creek (if we can claim the same location as last month).
Please Note: All parks in Santa Clara County now charge a $4 fee per vehicle. Probably best to bring coins. Ticket dispenser at the Ranger Station. (Sigh!)
June 25
Madison, WI Rainbow Family picnic and drum circle at Olin park, southeast corner. Madison picnics are tradtionally held the last Sunday of the month. Folks are encouraged to bring food(it's a potluck), drinking water, drums, and loving kindness.
This month, the picnic may serve as a last minute hook point for folks in the area needing a ride to Montana and for folks who have rides to offer. Both are encouraged to be there. Try to come with your gear ready to go. If you are in the area and don't have transportation or directions to the picnic in the park, please e-mail me at will be glad to assist.


July 1 - 7
2000 Annual Rainbow Gathering in the Big Hole Valley, Saginaw Creek, Montanna. More info can be found at The 2000 Rainbow Gathering web page.
July 16
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
July 21 - Aug 7th
Alaskan Regional Rainbow Gathering. For more info, go to the Alaskan Tribes Summer Calendar..
July 22nd
No organized event, just serendipitous chaos in the Arb on the last day of the Art Fairs, Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.
July Full Moon
BC regional outside of Nelson (about 2 hours north, at Duncan Lake).


August 5 - 17th
Colorado Regional. THERE IS A FIRE BAN IN EFFECT! NO OPEN FLAMES AT ALL! NO WALKIN' AND SMOKIN' PLEASE BRING PROPANE OR CAMP STOVES PLEASE BRING WATER FILTERS! WATER SOURCE IS THE NORTH FORK OF THE CACHE LA POUDRE RIVER. From Fort Collins: Go North on hwy 287 for 22 miles (3 miles past the Livermoor/Red Feather turnoff on 287) Turn LEFT on CR 80C (look for Cherokee Park Road sign) Go for 14 miles and turn LEFT on on CR 179 (this is a hairpin turn - like a U-turn) Go 5.6 miles and turn Right on FS 180 (an emergency box and signs for Orrs Mooring, Kelly's Korner and Berling at intersection) Go 1.6 miles and turn RIGHT on FS 181.1 (Kalif and Luke have a camp there, so it should be marked pretty well). FS 181.1 IS FULL OF ROCKS, ROOTS AND DEEP RUTS. IT IS ADVISABLE TO HAVE A HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLE FOR THIS PART OF THE JOURNEY. FULL-LENGTH BUSES MIGHT HAVE A TOUGH TIME. There are also lots-o-cows. It is 4.7 miles from the 181.1 to Welcome Home BUT, along the way there is a wire gate (Please close the gate behind you) and a Right turn marked with rocks. This road seems to go on forever since it is such a rough road but, there are rock markers to reassure you. As a note, people from the holding camps in the mountains west of Boulder need rides.
August 14
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
From montreal or quebec city drive an hour and a quarter on highway 40 towards Trois Rivieres at the junction of the 40 and 55 highway(just like interstates).Drive north from the junction towards Latuque(more or less 2 hours)on 55.Later the freeway will turn into the smaller 2 lanes highway-155. From Latuque you have to be have to go to the north end of the city(still following the 155)being aware that if you see the speed limit posted at 90 km/hour,you've gone too far... Look for the La Bostonnais road going to Beaumont or to Fitzpatrick keep going +/-6 miles or 10 km following the La St-Maurice River until you see a fair size road going West or left from where you are.(look lot's you might see a sign saying Wemontaci,this is a native reserve on the same route that you have to go onto).The road # should be #R0461 or/and #25 forest road.(watch for logging trucks,fast,heavy,very dusty and dangerous and...).ok...Wow hope you've gotten here ,at the crossings(#25 or#461 and La Bostonnais).First,you will pass a 2 laned bridge. Second, you should pass a long tiny single laned bridge over La Mauricie river,that's the km marker one,keep going until you see km 36(22 miles).When you see that sign you should have passed onto another long and tiny bridge(that's km33).right!?cool...Keep your eyes open for a small road on the right side.(watch it cos there is a smaller road before the actual road that you have to take,but it's in no shape for cars to go onto...)once you get to the right road(it's only the size of a car)keep going for 2.5 miles and that's're is my phone #514-262-5482 ask for Christian in case you have problems....good luck on the quest.... WATCHOUT ON THAT LAST ROAD....THERE MIGHT BE A BIG BIG HOLE ON THE ROAD SO CARS CANNOT GO FURTHER(THAT'S JUST 1 MILE)THEN YOU'LL HAVE TO WALK 1.5 MILE STRAIGHT IN THE MAIN CIRCLE....WOW you are here home.
August 26
Omaha Nebraska Rainbow Family Potluck on August 26th at Elk Horn Crossing. Come for the love and stay for the lesbian cuisine.(Ooh, maybe we'll have lesbian pancakes!) Bring whatever kind of dish you'd like to share. The potluck will be from 11ish until who knows. There is free camping areas available. Oh yeah, BTW we discourage weapons, alcohol, and hard drugs. For more info contact Kat at 402-614-0022 or e-mail me at
August 27
Madison, WI Rainbow picnic. The next Madison, WI monthly picnic and drum circle is August 27th, rainbow noon, at Olin park SE corner. Mad town family picnics traditionally happen on the last Sunday of the month, typically March through October. Things to bring: TRASH BAGS, a cup, bowl, & utensils; drinking water; food (after all, it's a potluck); drums and other musical instruments; and lotsalovinkindness. This month's picnic will follow the Madison Blues Festival that ends the preceding day. Parking may be limited to parking lots, and we may find lots of trash to clean up. So bring some trash bags. If there is a barrier fence left over from the Blues Festival, you may be able to announce you are there to volunteer to pick up trash and thereby get beyond the fence. If we don't fill up the trash bags that everyone brings to the picnic, then they can certainly be donated to the upcoming gathering.

At last months picnic, a vision council was held and all attending reached consensus to have a Wisconsin Regional Gathering Sept 1-10, site and directions t.b.a. For all good reasons, car pooling to the gathering is way cool. This month's picnic may serve to connect folks needing rides to the gathering with folks who have space to offer. Anyone planning to be at the regional gathering would do themselves well to prepare for night time lows ranging from 30 to 50F, possibly colder. In addition to extra blankets, a few gallons of drinking water would be a very good idea, especially if going to the gathering early on. Someone should be able to offer some perhaps rough directions to the gathering at the picnic next Sunday.


Sept 1-10
Wisconsin Regional Gathering. We consensed that the site be announced later in August. Anyone who anticipates being there should be prepared for cooler temperatures as night time lows ranging from 30 to 50 degrees F are common in Wisconsin by early September. Even colder temperatures are possible.
Directions: From Eagle River Wisconsin, go about 30 miles east on Hwy 70 to Hwy 139. Take right on Hwy 139/70 and go south a few miles until highways separates and continues East again. Take a left onto Highway 70 and continue east again for about five miles. Then, take a left on Daumitz rd (Fr 2152) and continue for about two miles north. When the road forks take a right onto Forest Road 2443 and continue for about a mile. Then take a left onto Forest Road 2446. Continue north on 2446 for a mile or two until you come to a pile of stones and ribbons hanging in trees. Turn left here and continue to Welcome Home. BRING WATER.
Sept 13
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or try the SCROLL Lightline at (619-226-5797).
Sept 1 - 10
Wisconsin Regional. Held within the north east corner of the state in the Nicolet National Forest...take hwy 70 east from tripler,wi for 5 miles or so then turn left on Daumitz Road(FR2152),go north on Daumitz for about 2 miles until the road forks, parking is within a mile to two miles of this fork, follow trail onward, welcome home!
Sept 12 - 24
The Peace Conspiracy Humbly invites all Peaceful beings to come and Celebrate, Pray and enjoy Freedom and Love of Fellowship in the Open Cathedral of Nature; Roberts Field / Klepzig Mill / Rocky Creek, Ozark National Scenic Riverway, Central Missouri.
ThomasVille Missouri, 11 Point River / `96 RFOLL National Site. South of Birch Tree Missouri on Hwy. 99, 13.5 miles East at CR 99-430 go 3.5 miles, site is on the right. This Peaceful Assemblage is without premise. Sweatlodge, Earth Healing, Spiritual Wholeness, Liberty Tree, Nourishment, Family Drum Circle, Kiddie Zone, Networking, Workshops, Road Help, Big Huggzz Nature Walks, Crafts & Trading, And lots of other good fun for the whole Tribe!
You are encouraged to come with Peace in your Heart , Love for the Mother Earth, Deep Pride in yourself, and Respect for all things, Spiritual and Natural And to be proactive or reactive in the Conspiracy as the Spirit moves.
Sept 15-17
The annual Sunflower Farm Fall Harvest Party will take place on 15-16-17 September 2000. In addation, it has been requested that a Mid Atlant ic Family Council happen on Saturday the 16th of September 2000. This is the same farm where the 1998 Thanksgiving Council was held. Directions from State College, Pennsylvania are as follows. From State College, take Route 322 East to Route 45. Go on 45 east to Route 144. Take 144 North to Centre Hall. Turn Righ onto Route 192. Go to Rebersburg. Sunflower Farm is 2 1/5 miles past Rebersburg. For more info, please email or call the farm at 814-349-8313.
Sept 17
Worcester MA Rainbow picnic. From North: Go on I-290 to Exit 14. Take Grafton aka 122 south-east for about two miles to Building 19 on left. From East: Take I-90 to Exit 11. Follow 122 (Grafton) north-west for about two miles to Building 19 on right. Park behind Building 19 and go up the hill into the woods (head east). If you know this is called Perkins Farm you don't need directions. Bring pre-cooked food to share (no fires), drinks, musical instruments, questions and ideas, cup, bowl, and spoon, clean-up supplies (trash bags).
Sept 30 - Oct 8
Shawnee National Forest Rainbow Gathering of Love. Directions seem to be confusing this year as always... I'm not there, so as the webmaster, I'm listing both, and hopefully soon it'll be obvious which is the correct site.
The site where everyone seems to be settling in on is at: From RT 13 in Carbondale go into Murphysboro then take Hwy 127 south 3 miles to Springdale Rd. Go right 1.3 miles to a stop sign where Springdale turns into Orchard Hill Rd. Continue on another 2.5 miles until you reach Poplar Ridge Rd. Go roughly 1.2 miles to a stop sign where Poplar Ridge Rd turns into Hickery Ridge Rd. Continue another 5 miles until you see the stonyman on your left side. Welcome home is under one mile down the dirt road.

An alternate site was also announced, but I don't think there are many people there: Seed camp starts Sept 22. Take Rt.13 east of Carbondale, Illinois, IS-57, and past Harrisburg. From the intersection of Rt. 13 and Rt. 1 in NE Shawnee Forest, proceed 8.0 miles south on Rt. 1 past Peabody Rd. to Thacker Hollow Road/"Camping Sign?". (you have gone 0.7 miles too far if you reach Pounds Hollow Rd) Turn right(west) on Thacker Hollow Rd. Proceed 2.3 miles to Black Ridge Rd. Turn left(south). Proceed 2.0 miles south to main parking. Welcome Home. If you reach rock escarpment you have gone just a little too far. The site has a lot of beautiful caves or rock over-hangs, and a lake off side road near the parking lot. The site is on the West side of the road, not the east side as previously thought.

Sept 30
Marysville, CA area Rainbow family of Living Light..Potluck picnic, and drum circle. We the Brothers and sisters of the earth, humbly invite: all races,peoples, and tribes to gather with us of the day on Saturday Sept 30th.2000 from noon untill dark. This is a spiritual Gathering absolutely free and noncommercial. We gather to express and rejoice in the sacredness of ourselves, Nature, the earth and the spirit that connects us all. we will be gathering in River Front Park in Marysville.on the Feather river. Take Highway 70 from Sacarmento or Marysville and follow the signs to river front park.and look for loving people. Please bring: vegitarian food, nonalcoholic drinks drums, Kites, huggs,acoustical instruments,poetry, love smiles and your own cup and spoon, good vibes and belly buttons. Please dont not bring alcohol, boom box's dogs and bad vibes.


Oct 6th
Court date in Great Falls, Montana for the 3 individuals that were cited by the Forest Service for "unlawful occupying of national forest system lands without authorization when such authorization is necessary". Please show up and support our right to peaceable assembly.
Oct 6 - 10th
The Michigan Regional Gathering will be October 6 - 10 in Pere Marquette State Forest. It will possibly be at the same site as the last Pere Marquette regional (or "Sleeping Bear Regional" or "Honor Regional" as it is sometimes known), but scouting will be done over the summer to see if there are other good sites. The fall colors should be spectacular. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.
Oct 8
Alabama Georgia Aztec Family drum circle & potluck. Directions: From Gadsden Al.:Take US 411 N to Leesburg. Turn left at stop light. (if you cross the bridge, you have gone too far. ) This is St Hwy 68. *go 2.9 miles, turn left onto Valley St(Co Rd 36). Go 1.5 miles, turn left on Rock City Ave. (There will be a sign for Cherokee Rock Village) Go .6 mile and turn right. Go 2.9 miles or until road ends.*
From I-75(all points in Georgia): Go to Rome; take Ga Hwy 20 to Alabama state line where this road changes to Alabama Hwy 9. Follow across bridge to Centre. At third stop light turn right; at the end of road, take a right turn onto US 411 S. Go over bridge to Leesburg take right at only stoplight to State hwy 68. From here follow directions between asterisks(**) above.
Oct 8
NY Rainbow Picnic in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY it will be held in the center of the park at Nethermead. Call the New York Rainbow Lightline at 212-560-7111 for directions and other upcoming events.
Oct 13 - 15
Northern CA council. 2555 Hammonton-Smartville Road, Marysville, CA. Personal home outside of town with 5 acres of lots of parking, electicity, trees and grassy areas for camping. From the south- Take 80, 99, or 50 to Interstate 5 north out of Sacramento. Take a right on Hwy 99 then stay right on Hwy 70. Just before you enter Marysville take the Erle Road exit. Go right or east on Erle Rd (take a left on the frontage road to get to Erle Rd.) about a mile and its your first left on Griffith Road. Go thru the first stop sign over N. Beale Rd. Keep going on Griffith to the next stop sign and take a right. Just as you take a right on Hammonton it is the first (and only) driveway on the left. Just look for all the trees. From the North - Take 99 into Yuba City and take a left at the first stop light at Hwy 20 to Marysville over the bridge. Once in Marysville go south on the main drag (hwy 70) out of town over the bridge and take the Erle Road exit. Go east on Erle road and follow the above directions from there.
October 14 Rainbow Family Hipstory & Workshop in San Diego on Saturday, October 14 from noon until dusk. Afternoon of sharing our knowledge and wisdom on the Rainbow Gathering. Happening on the campus of UCSD at Stonehenge. Please respect our human voices and leave your drums at home Rainbow Family Hipstory & Workshop Directions and Flyer (PDF) or call the SCROLL hotline 619 / 226-5797.
Oct 14
Fall Colors Picnic, noon to 5, Frances Park, Lansing, Michigan. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.


Nov 4
There has been a council called to discuss the future of the Full Moon Circle at Black's Beach in San Diego. On September 25, ca council in San Diego cancelled the Full Moon Circles at Black's Beach. The issue has not been resolved to everyone' satisfaction, so we will be meeting to discuss the issue further. As usual, no experience is necessary. Just a willingness to listen and be listened to, to share from your heart, and to be of service to your family. Topics of discussion will included the cancellation of the Full Moon Circle at Black's, problems solved and created by the cancellation, and how to deal with the situation that currently exists. We'll also talk about plans for the future and how or if we want to gather.

The council will happen on Saturday, November 4th at noon at UCSD by Stonehenge. Please inform yourself of the situation by asking friends or by emailing or And please tell everyone to come to the council!

Directions to UCSD in La Jolla and to Stonehenge: From Interstate 5 exit La Jolla Village Drive and go west. Get in the far right lane as soon as you are west of the Interstate. Exit onto Gilman Drive North (the far right lane will veer off onto Gilman Drive. Turn left on Scholars Drive South (the first left). Continue past the Che Cafe. Stonehenge is just past the Che on the right hand side of the road. For parking, continue past Stonehenge and turn right into parking lot P103 (the first lot on the right). No parking permit is required on weekends. If you're coming by bus: take the North County Bus 301 or San Diego Transit buses 41 or 34 and get off at La Jolla Village Drive at Revelle College/Theatre District. We'll be south of Revelle Plaza.

Nov 4 & 5
Midwest Autumn Council, Montague, Michigan. For more info, email Gonzo, or call the Great Lakes Lightline at 734-761-4243.
Nov 5
New York Rainbow Council Sunday, November 5th - 2:00 p.m.In the center grassy area of Tompkins Square Park (between Ave A & Ave B, E. 7th St. & E. 10 St.) Bring food and non-alcohol drink to share Be a part of the experience!
Nov 24-26
The Families of the East Rainbow Nation are holding their Thanksgiving Council November 24th(friday)--26th(sunday), 2000 at Newhart's Lodge near Ithaca, NY. We hope NYC and NERF and Philly and PA and Upstate NY all convene for an exuberant loving dialog and consensus on meaningful heartsongs from all of our brothers and sisters. Ithaca Council and Silent Thunder has had the vision of a 2001 Regional in the Ithaca area--Hector Nat'l Forest, magical meadows of '90 and '95 regionals. the directions are: from Ithaca, NY take Rt 79W(Seneca St in town) 9 miles to Black Oak Rd.(look for sign on left). take left and travel 3&1/2 miles on Black Oak until Griffin Rd. there turn left and 1/4 mile down road is Newhart's Lodge on left. please bring your cups, bowls and spoons; also, your back-up drinking water in case running water is off because of freezing; also, your ground cloth and a rug for the concrete floor sleeping. there are plenty of outdoor camping areas and firepits. a nearby house is available for those too sensitive to the cold(very young children, those w/infirmities, etc.)
Nov 23-26
Thanksgiving Council for Rainbow 2001 will be held in North Eastern Washington, near Kettle Falls- Thursday, Nov 23rd to Sunday, Nov 26th, 2000. Thanksgiving day will bring family together for a potluck feast. Friday, Saturday and onto Sunday afternoon will offer a time to circle, and offer out heartsongs and visions, and council in preparation for next year's Annual Gathering, which will take place in Washington or Idaho. The Thanksgiving Council event is in a private home, with space for live-in vehicles, tipis, yurts and tents at the site. Bring cold weather clothes, sleeping bags and extra blankets. Also, bring food to share, eating utensils,outdoor kitchen supplies- such as big pots and pans, music, smiles, tea and coffee, and lots of good energy. Please- leave dogs at home- it is very cold there. WE LOVE YOU ! ! The directions are: From Spokane, Washington, go North on Highway 395 to Kettle Falls. Continue on 395 for 18 or so miles to Barstow Bridge Road (look for a small store), then turn right. The address is: 5177 Barstow Bridge Rd. PLEASE NOTE: This is a Council, not a gathering. For further information, you may call (541) 915-1295 (leave a Voice Mail message), or call a Northwest Lightline, which has Voice Mail and a recorded message- (503) 727-2498. Long distance calls will be returned.


now till Jan 15
Mississippi Regional Gathering in Desoto National Forest. Take 49 South out of Hattiesburg. Go approximately 20 miles until you reach the Brooklyn exit. Take Brooklyn Exit. Go to Main Street. Go east on Main until you run into Ashe Nursery Rd. Proceed 2 miles on Ashe Nursery Road until you reach a 4-way intersection. Take a left there on 319 (It's a dirt road also known as New York Road) Proceed on 319 for approximately 3and 7tenths miles. Take another left on 319G. About a half of a mile down, you should see fires. Welcome Home. If you get lost just stop at the Big K Chevron on 49 and they'll give you directions.


Jan 7, 2001
NY Rainbow's Monthly Potluck Council/Drum Circle. First of 2001!!! Sunday, 56 Walker St. 2 blocks below Canal St. between Broadway and Church. Bring Food and non-alcoholic drink to share acoustic musical instruments your friends, family, children and smiles Come out and start the year with family!!

Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is.