North American Calendar of Events for 2003

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Any phone numbers or email addresses listed here are for information and directions only. Being listed as a contact here is decided by me the web maintainer, and these people should never be considered as leaders or representatives of the Rainbow Family.

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NOTE: There are typically way more rumors about possible Rainbow Gathering than are really happening. Just because a regional happened last year, doesn't mean it will happen again this year. Also note that I only list Rainbow Gatherings in the spirit of peaceful assembly without self-ordained leaders.

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Fuck it. I am so damn tired of all the abuse I get trying to maintain this list of Rainbow events I can't stand it anymore. You're on your own to chase down silly rumors, argue whether every small group of Rainbows camping in the woods is a regional or not, or whether permits are a good or bad thing.


March 15
All California council. If you're in the area, check out the Chico Co-op (Hwy 32 & Main street) for directions after Tuesday or head east 33 miles on Highway 32 to the Soda Springs Campground and we'll be there. THIS IS NOT A GATHERING. For more info, call CA Rainbow at 916-747-6269.
March 15
A Second council is being planned at Frenchman's Landing campground (Angeles N.F./ Los Padres N.F., along the Piru River) just north of LA. with easy access to the 5 interstate for folks from sountern CA who either do not have the time or $ to travel to Chico on theDirections: From Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, Take I-5 north past Magic Mountain and Castaic Lake. Exit I-5 at Pyramid Lake/Templin Hwy. Go Northwest towards Pyramid Lake approximately 4-5 miles to the campground at Frenchman's Flat. This is a Fee Demo area of Los Padres National Forest. Feel free to arrive early and stay at the campground. For more info try Sailor ( or Joji (
March 21-23
The Ozark Rainbow Family spring counsel in southern Missouri. More info at Ozark Rainbow.


April 19
CA Regional Council. Reason: To plan "All California Regional Gathering". For more info, call CA Rainbow at 916-747-6269.
April 26 & 27
Annual gathering Scout Council. Schipper Campgrounds outside of Hansen Idaho. Hansen is located on highway 30, east of Twin Falls by about 4 miles, and south of I-84. The campground is on Rock Creek Road 18 miles south of Hansen. Bring water and firewood if you can.


May 2 - 4
Michigan Spring Council. Directions: Take I-96 to exit 59 between Grand Rapids and Lansing (labelled Clarksville exit if coming from the east, Saranac exit if coming from the west) * Go north -- you're on Nash Hwy. Go to Peck Lake Rd. * Turn left (west). Go to Kyser Rd. * Turn right (north). Go to the end, Riverside Dr. * Turn right. Go a couple hundred yards to the second driveway (with the dog kennel sign, just before the little bridge). 9639 W. Riverside Dr. * Welcome welcome welcome! For "what's-it-all-about" info: Great Lakes Rainbow ((734) 761-4243 or (231) 893-7518) or email For "help-me-I'm-lost!" info: (616) 642-0460. Regrettably collect calls cannot be accepted.
May 9 - 16
Wildflower CA Regional Gathering. This season we begin anew to honor life and to sow the seeds of positive action, by virtue of free will and liberty, individuals have consensus to gather at the spring to share, learn and educate in the spirit of celebration and conscious caring for and about the manifest creation of our earth. The wildflower regional gathering will be in a mixed forest of oak, pine and redwood around a meadow with abundant springs and wildlife, The weather should be warm and sunny days, chilly evenings,possiblity of some spring showers. Fire+permits are required. Directions to the site: From Highway 99 from the South or North, exit east on hwy 198 ,continue approx 28 miles to hwy 216, turn left towards Woodlake, cross the bridge to an immediate right onto Dry Creek Road, travel 15 miles to fork, turn right onto Stagecoach Road, travel 2 miles, turn right onto Eshom Valley Drive, travel 5 miles, to the Heartland 1 sign, turn right onto Pierce Valley Drive until pavement ends, follow the markers to Welcome Home! Be self-sufficient, walk lightly, make the difference as one. Seed camp may 6 -9 clean up may 16-19. Ignore all rumors of cancellation!
May 16 - 18
Ozark Rainbow Family Spring Scouting Counsel. Open Counsel for ongoing discussions, vision and heartsongs concerning the Ozark Rainbow Family Spring Gathering 2003. Weekend with be blessed with many people coming together in several circles, your attendance would be welcomed. More Information: Ozark Rainbow web site.
May 30 - June 7
All California Regional Gathering. Gathering creative consciousness, bringing together the many communities of healers and peace oriented sisters and brothers throughout California and the West. Beyond Rainbow, world wide non-violence, from the golden state with love. Zen onto the annual. Bring what you need and some to share. From Oroville (between Sacramento and Reddding), go about 38 miles up Hwy 162 (Oroville/Quincy Hwy) to Four Trees Road, turn left onto F.S.28, and go 5 miles to Cougar Gap. Stay on F.S. 28, go 9 miles to Stoney Creek Road, turn right and go 2 miles to Welcome Home. Long buses will find sharp turns on the way to the site. Note: avoid using Hwy 70 directions. For more info, contact 916-747-6269.
May 23 - 25
North East Rainbow Family spring Council. Branch Pond Vermont, call the NERF lightline to get directions (845) 774-4100. Bring water and Bug Repellent! Hope to see you there!
May 23 - 30
Southern Utah Regional. Pinto Springs Camping Area Directions: From St.George, UT: Go North on Hwy 18 (aka Bluff Street) past turn-off to Central/Pine Valley; Turn right onto Pinto Road which is a dirt road; Follow past the establishment of Pinto for a couple miles; Turn right on road which is marked by sign that says Pinto Spring 4 miles! Take left at fork in canyon bottoms! follow road till you come to rainbow signs. WELCOME HOME!!!

From Cedar City, UT: Go West on Hwy 56 (200 North Street) for about 17 miles; turn left onto Pinto which is a dirt road that is marked; Follow Pinto Road for about 7 miles or so; Turn left road which is marked by sign that says "Pinto Spring 4 miles". For more info, email


mid June
Spring council for the annual gathering at Lyman Lake, Utah. More info at this page for this years's gathering.
June 11th
Jerusalem Camp Presents a benefit to buy groceries for the gathering. ROCKER T & FRIENDS, Iration Squad, Rav Shmuel & Friends, Mattissiyahu. Special Guests & Late Night Open Drum Circle. Opaline, 85 Avenue A, NYC. Doors Open at 8 p.m. $12/person. For More information, contact marla at
June 5 - June 16
Ozark Rainbow Family Spring central Missouri at Fiery Forks along the Little Niangua River near Climax Springs. Directions: North of Camdenton Missouri on 5 Hwy then 10 miles west on 7 hwy. Second left past Barnumtom Mo. - Look for sign to "Fiery Forks" - 2 miles down Gravel Road 7-17. This beautiful 1,606 acre area includes stretches of Little Niangua River, Fiery Forks Creek and Toby Creek, lots of room for kind camping and family fun. This is an open family event and we encourage you to spread the word in every direction via all kind means. "Welcome Home!" *Site is located between I-70 & I-44 so stop in and visit if your traveling! Busses welcomed - No steep grades, solid hard packed gravel for 3 miles, no overhangs, lots of parking in many areas. More Information: Ozark Rainbow web site.


July 1 - 7
North American Annual Gathering Of The Tribes, in the Great Basin area (Utah, Nevada, California). Directions are: Take Highway 150 out of Evanston to FS 058. Take 058 over the newly melted out Elizabeth Pass. Go 2.5 miles past the summit to the Rainbow rock cairns and streamers. For more info, go to this page for this gathering. Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation! (Or organization)

July 27
NY Rainbow's July Drum Circle/Picnic in Central Park, NYC. 1 PM - Dusk Directions: Enter Central Park at 103rd Street and Central Park West take the path to the left and up the steps. Follow chalk marks until you reach the open meadow. A map is here.
July 29 - August 17
17th Annual Kwebekwe Rainbow Gathering, on Nistassinan (Innus's land) at the 2 miles fall in Franquelin eastbound of Baie-Comeau on road 138 east, on St-Lawrence river north shore will take place the 17th Kwebekwe (Québec-Acadie-Anishnabe) Rainbow Gathering of the tribes.


August 15 - 30
Ontario, Canada rainbow gathering. For more info please visit the southern ontario rainbow web site's page on their Southern Ontario Summer Gathering info page.


Sept full moon
Island tribes invites all beings to gather in peace and love. There will be a full moon drum jam and Vision councel in aug on Vancouver Island. There will be a September full moon gathering also dates and site will anounced in aug. Directions will be at BC coast lightline (250) 537-6733.
Sept 5 - 14
Central Canadian gathering in the Duck Mountains in western Manitoba. Directions: From Roblin, Manitoba head north on #83 for about 17 km, past merridale rd, and a huge church(st.michael's). Turn right on the first road past this church and follow it east until you get to a t- intersection with #584 and a pond on your left. Turn left and then take your first right(very soon). Follow this road past the shell river until you come to another t-intersection, turn right, and then left again, and this will lead to the duck mountain provincial forest. Follow the winding road for 12 km(it's marked) until you see a sign that says "upper dam", turn left. This is the parking lot. Walk to the lake and cross over the dam and turn left on the bush trail. Follow this trail for 1 km and WELCOME HOME!!! For more info/rideshare login as password: rainbow.


Florida Family Vision Council on October 24-26 for Florida Ocala Winter event at Farles Prairie in Ocala National Forest. You past through Ocala City limit then Silver Springs city limits then few small towns then You're in the forest. Stay on SR40 till you see SR19 your in the heart of the forest and They're blinking light in the forest that is SR19 go south on 19 for few miles start to look On your right for small sign close to ground level says FR 599 make right turn onto it. It take you west on it. You go about few miles on 599 then just pass 4-way stop signs Is 599-A make left turn and go 1000 feet till you see pond or tents and Welcome?

If you want this to be a non-permitted gathering Rainbow style, please attend this council to let folks know you block signing a permit with the USFS. Signing permits with the USFS signs away your rights to peaceable assmbly, and gives Law Enforcement all the permission they need to set up roadblocks legally and harrass you in the name of "permit compliance"



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Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have and confirm goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is.