1997 Western Australian

Rainbow Gathering

LIFE !                                   LOVE!                                   harmony!

Come Celebrate ! Rainbow gathers people together with Mother Earth !

12th - 19th October

This year's Rainbow will be held at Cambray (just outside Nannup) in Western Australia.

What to Bring -
Cars are parked at least 1-2 km away from the gathering site - so be prepared to carry everything in. There is always plenty of hands to help with heavy loads and families.
Bring your own bowl, cup and eating utensils, and bring them to each eating circle. This helps enormously with hygiene. Bring all your camping equipment including shovels, picks, axes, and other tools, big pots, buckets and tarps for the communal kitchen.


Note -
For this year's gathering to come into being, the Nannup Council has commissioned us to comply with the 1997 Caravan and Camping Ground Act. Accordingly, we must construct kitchen and toilet tents, firepits and signpost the area. As well, there is a $1000 bond on the land. Any help is always appreciated , especially at the seed & clean up camps. The seed camp prepares the site to rainbow specification (starting on October 2nd) while the clean up camp stays for a few days making the site more beautiful than before we arrived.


Help feed the Magic Hat ! (it eats coins and bills)

No drugs (including alcohol), Pets or Electronics

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