Spring council begins the weekend of June 6, 1997.

The vision is to come together just before going onto the land. At that time, we can begin, as a family, to focus on our immediate needs, and have available the tools and resources to build our shitters, recycling centers, and other early gathering needs.

This will be a good time for us to form parking crews, welcome-home crews, shitter crews, trailblazing crews, map-making crews, sign painting crews, and crews for all the other things we’ll need the first day we arrive onto the land.

Let us start off strong this year and focus on our needs as a Family. So bring all good things, be prepared to plug in, and let the magic begin!

Together we can build a seed camp in which we’ll be proud to say, "Welcome Home!".

Stay tuned for more information and directions to spring council when they become available.

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