Russian Rainbow

Map  This year the Rainbow Gathering in Russia will begin from June 21 on the border between three regions - Kostroma, Ivanovo, and Nizhnij Novgorod regions, near the place where three rivers - Unzha, Nemda, and Volga come together, in the name of three values - Love, Respect, and Misericordia.

One can get there in following ways:
    The way through Kostroma:
    You can reach Kostroma:
  1. By railroad:
  2. by water:
    Nizhnij Novgorod - Kostroma (change in Yurjevets); The steam boat parts from Nizhnij Novgorod at about 8 o'clock in the morning.
  3. by bus:
    Moscow(Central bus terminal, subway station "Schelkovskaya")-Kostroma 7.00(Mon - Thu), 8.00(daily), 10.20(daily), 12.50(daily), 21.00(daily); journey time is 8h 20m. 22.00 to Makaryev (Fri, Sat) - this way you can reach Makaryev directly, without needing to change in Kostroma.
  4. By the motorway (bus or hitch-hiking).
    From Kostroma:
  1. Busses from Kostroma to Makaryev: 6.00, 13.00, 17.05 (daily); 22.00 from Moscow (on Fri, Sat) From Makaryev by bus at 16.00 (on Wed, Thu, Fri) till the village Nezhitino; further on - following the mark signs (general direction - to the West).
  2. By bus from Kostroma to Kadyj: 14.15(on Mon, Fri, Sat), 19.00(Sun) or any bus to Makaryev; Further on - by the road southwards (in the direction of the villahe Zavrazhye) till the villages Lubyany or Neverovka; ask the locals owing boats to take you across the river to the village Samylovo, the camp will be quite near.
  3. Both Kadyj and Makarjev can be reached hitch-hiking along the motorway R-98: Kostroma - Sudislavl - Kadyj - Makaryev.
    The way through Yuryevets:
    You can get to Yuryevets either from Nizhnij Novgorod (former Gorkij):
  1. bu bus from the bus station "Kanavinskaya": 6.25, 10.20(busses to Kineshma), 15.05. The ticket is 50 rubles.
  2. Steam boat "Meteor" - at 8.00 from the River Terminal, ticket costs 90 rub.
    or through Kineshma:
  1. bu bus: regular bus connections are from 8.40 till 17.40, the ticket costs 27rub.
  2. by a steam boat...
It is possible to reach Kineshma by railroad - by local train from Ivanovo or long-distance train from Moscow.
From Yuryevets on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11.15 there are helicopter flights across Volga to the village Nezhitino (the helicopter landing area is located near the bus stop "Airport", the ticket is 25 rub.), further - from the village following the mark signs into the west direction...

Please take with you things helping to enjoy living and creation activity in the forest. Some money in favour of the Magic Hat would be a great plus. Please leave otherwhere (if any) alcohol and drugs.
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