Thanksgiving Council Nov. 28th ­ Dec.1st 2002

This is an open invitation for all interested individuals… to come join together for Thanks and for Giving.

Join family to help plant seeds for the 2003 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes.

Besides the usual topics traditionally dealt with at TGC, some folks would like to see emphasis on discussions about bringing healing ways back to how we do things and treat each other. Folks have also expressed a need to counsel on our various “processes” relating to such things as scouting, spring council and other gathering aspects. What is actually discussed at TGC is up to those who attend and therefore the agenda is set by all attending.

If you have a strong desire to help make a difference, come join your sisters & brothers at this special time.

Please be aware that the intent is to counsel and this is not a gathering.

Though all are welcome, know that these councils are usually small in nature and folks should come as self sufficient as possible.

The location for this years Thanksgiving Council will be at Murphy Hot Springs, Nevada. Many might be familiar with this place near the old Nevada Gathering site. Though this is a commercial establishment, it is very rustic and rainbow friendly. They had a good experience with "rainbows" last time and the owners welcome us back.

They have opened their doors to us in a very cooperative & understanding way.

There will be space inside the lodge available to counsel, get together, and be warm (Thursday-Sunday)

Please know that there is NO inside sleeping available in the lodge.

There are a variety of options for sleeping accommodations

Though this is a commercial place, the owners are cooperating in a very Rainbow like way.
They understand our intent to be respectful.
They understand we are but individuals responsible for ourselves but with concern for all.
They understand ALL are welcome regardless of how much money they have.

For making reservations for the cabins or campsites with hookups, please call (208) 857-2230. Those calling for other information, please be respectful and know that many of the arraignments that have been made, are in the “flow as it goes” mode and will be dealt with as need arises … all is in a good, harmonious and understandable way.

. Please know that the folks, who helped make this place available, did so out of love. Since no other viable alternatives seem to be offered, this site appeared the best for family at this time, and in fact, it seems like quite a beautiful place indeed.

It is hoped all agree.

So, come join family for what should be a wondrous & healing time, with high hopes of accomplishing many good things.

Below are some links which might be of interest to some;

brought to you with love, from individuals at large, who speak only for themselves ... WE LOVE YOU

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