Greetings from Russia to all our sisters and brothers. Here is the info about International Rainbow Gathering in Russia for our those of us who have not got this good news yet.

Our current Magic Hat: Olga Komok tel: (07)(812)(279-0115)
Our current E-mail:
Our postal address: Russia, 191123, St, Petersburg, P.O. Box 368


We need 21$ sent to us via Western Union to Olga Komok, per invitation.With either the tel. or E-mail we need to receive the CODE NUMBER OF THE TRANSACTION in order to pick it up. We believe the code number is all we need but it is a good idea to ask when sending the money if there is any thing else. People may wish to send money together as asmall group because there is a 15$min. service chargte or 5%.

Along with the money we need to receive a list, either through the post (it can take an unbelieveable amount of time for the post, start the process now) or (faster)E-mail or phone, of who the money is for and their details for an invitation.

The details we need are: Name , Birthdate, Nationality and Passport #, occupation, and dates wishing to visit Russia. We also need a return address for to return the invitation. If you have a Fax; a fax copy of the invitation may be acceptable ( it was in my case) but you should check with your Russian embassy to be sure. Also check with your R. embasssy if an organizational invitation is adequate or if your country needs a more specific invitation.

You do not need any hotel accomodations with these inv. but it is required to register that you've entered the country within 3 days. A couple day layover in Petersburg or Moscow should be planned. After that further registration will hopefully be avoidable.

If you wish to visit Russia for more than 1 month (good idea) we can try to get inv. for what you want. But include a high priority 1 month. Visa's are easy to extend and much cheaper once you're in Russia.


Greek coucil's vision was Newmoon to Newmoon: July 22 - Aug. 21 (approx.) but here in Russia we want you to know you are welcome anytime from now until then and longer. If gathering goes according to tradition, ENERGY WILL PEAK ON THE AUG. FULLMOON, Aug. 9 (?) A solid seed camp will certainly be building up by the July Fullmoon (10?) and there are people who want to occupy the site as soon as we've chosen it, which will probably be by the end of May beginning of June. We hope some medicine people will come early.


Serious scouting will begin as soon as the weather warms up enough for hitchhiking and camping. Right now several areas are being considered. Currently the most discussed, in my opinion, are two places: site near Pskov (the city near Estonian border - western border of Russia ) and site near Nijnyi Novgorod - former Gorkyi (the city 400 km east of Moscow). In case the place is relatively far from western border (like Nijnyi Novgorod) we will try to set up meeting points along the border for our brothers and sisters coming from this direction.